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Benjamin Life

Benjamin Life

I seem to be a verb... accepted nouns: evolutionary alchemist, omni-harmonic agent
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The Ancient Future Ancestor's Story

Benjamin Life
September 15
A Myth of Remembrance

The Emergence of the Well-Being Economy

Despite sweatshops, ecocide, global food insecurity and systemic poverty, intellectual property wars, monopolization of industries and financial systems, loss of identity and culture in many Western countries to simply that of ‘consumer,’ invasions of sovereign nations for unfettered access to natural resources, assassinations and US-backed coups of democratically elected leaders to enforce US economic interests, cold-blooded murder of labor organizers, and countless other horrors of history driven by an economic and cultural paradigm that emerged in the late 1700s, capitalism is also responsible for many of our greatest triumphs as a species.

Fathers of Life

Brothers, Fathers, Sons,

Invocation of Ensoulment

Beloved One,
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The Beauty Way Declaration

I strive in all that I do and with all that I AM to create beauty and celebrate life.
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A Thousand Fractal Shards: One Burning Man Revolution

Our world is on fire. Police violence, racism, economic collapse and injustice, public health crises of COVID-19 and chronic disease, broken and corrupted democracies, ecocide, epidemics of addiction and suicide, mass incarceration, cultural genocide, state and corporate surveillance, slavery and human trafficking are all interwoven into an overwhelmingly complex web of failing systems that threaten the soul of humanity.
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Civilization Redesign

As the systems of our current civilization crumble before our very eyes, there has never been a more critical and prudent time to orient the full scope of our human creativity, generativity, and collaboration towards the complete and systematic redesign of our civilization. Quick fixes, half-measures, reforms, and temporary solutions have proven insufficient in the face of ecological collapse, skyrocketing mental and physical illness, and the seemingly unstoppable rise of hyper-consumerism and resource extraction.