Payout #10 (4/25-5/09)

April 25 - May 09

Good evening Orange Financial holders!

The payout for this period has been sent and distributed to holders! Link here:

Last week’s payout was skipped due to a low threshold of rewards per NFT holder. As always we will skip a week if we do not meet the $1 payout minimum threshold. Below you will find our performance during the period. (This payout followed our new reinvestment/team fee structure)

April 25 -> May 09
April 25 -> May 09

Coming Soon to Orange Financial:

  • Portfolio deployments into SUI: A new Layer-1 that has just released their network token (ICO on Kucoin about 2 weeks ago)

  • Portfolio deployments into CHRONOS Exchange: Decentralized exchange on Arbitrum using the solidly ve(3,3) vesting model

  • Portfolio deployments into OVERTIME Markets: A decentralized positional marketplace for trading Sport plays. (Like sports betting but think more decentralized, users can trade tokens and NFT positions representing specific sport plays)

  • Orange Financial Web Dashboard Release (Book-keeping, active view of portfolio, previous records logs and much more)

  • Main website landing page release (New design, more simple & intuitive)

  • Weekly/Bi-weekly community calls (stay tuned to discord for voting pool on choosing the best day)

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