Snapshot Survey on 5/2/2023: Dynamic Fee Structure

Good evening everyone! As part of our efforts to become more involved with the community, we will be holding a snapshot voting session starting tomorrow to gauge how the community feels regarding our updates to the whitepaper fee structure, making it a dynamic fee structure, rather then fixed. More information below.

Current Fee Model:

As we created the fee model for Orange Financial, we thought of what the structure of things will look like when the treasury is fully minted (all 10,000 NFTs sold) and created the following fee model:

Under the current model, all NFTs are sold, zero new funds will be entering the treasury, meaning its 100% reliant on farm growth from yield to continue growing-

  • 50% is reinvested (compounded) back into the treasury

  • 45% is distributed to NFT holders

  • 5% is sent to the Team

Orange Financial Treasury growth (2/1 to 5/1): $11,235

Team Fees made from 2/1 to 5/1: $561 ( $140 monthly )

As the treasury is in this low-funding stage of its growth, we will be changing the fee model to a dynamic fee structure which will allow the team to still be paid a reasonable amount at the early stages in the treasuries growth. There will be less rewards compounded while the treasury still has the opportunity to grow from minting. (As the previous model was created assuming we would be fully sold out)

The changes below does not impact your rewards in any way. Your reward % stays consistent so nothing changes in terms of holders weekly rewards.

Dynamic Fee Model:

The above fee model is perfect for a fully-minted treasury (which we are not). The following changes would change the model to a dynamic fee structure. This would mean as we reach different milestones of treasury funding/minting, we will have different fee’s climbing up the ladder. For example:

0-250k: 35% reinvested / 45% to holders / 20% to team

250-500k: 40% reinvested / 45% to holders / 15% to team

500-750k: 45% reinvested / 45% to holders / 10% to team

750k→: 50% reinvested / 45% to to holders / 5% to team

NOTE: The following model does not lower rewards for holders

Conclusion & More Information on Snapshot:

The following model will provide incentive to the team at low-funding stages of the Treasury, and allow for the team to still be paid a reasonable amount until we reach a higher level of funding in the treasury. As the treasury gains more funding, the team fee will go down.

As always we really want to hear the communities view on these changes- our goal is to keep everyone in the community extremely satisfied while also making the treasury a consistent yield on a weekly basis.

The snapshot survey will open tomorrow and run for 72 hours :

*7:00 PM Monday, Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) on

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