Ourmada: anchors aweigh

Ourmada ships.

Our name is a pun based on “armada”, a fleet of large ships. Our name is also a play on “shipping products”. We are creating Ourmada with these ethe in mind and are building a modular platform for different DAO tools.

Ourmada’s mission is to make DAOs better. It is simple, broad, and challenging all at the same time. We collaborate with any individual who shares the same mission and stay focused on how the member experience for any DAO can be improved.

We’ve spoken to a multitude of DAO types. Some are based on the governance for financial instruments, some focused on vibes for creator communities, others for highly specialized niche markets of the crypto ecosystem. They have very different objectives and need very different tools. All these DAOs can improve their member experience and Ourmada helps them achieve this.

This is a daunting task. There are challenges as far as bringing activity on-chain, working in public, and protecting anonymity. A lot of organizational tools are a lot easier in web2. That is okay because although difficult, participating in DAOs is more rewarding for us.

This is a collaborative task. Ourmada is purposely being created as a unified front for a fleet of ships. We intend to build  products DAOs need most and invite other DAO tool creators to strengthen the lattice work that symbolizes web3.

This is a necessary task. Blockchain technology facilitates all of us to interact in a transparent, censorship-resistant, and distributed way. This whole space wasn’t built overnight and those who are here for the long run should join our formation. Ourmada is here to serve DAOs as needs evolve and our journey has only begun. We’ve set sail because our technology is moving to decentralized places and there is no turning back.

Ourmada’s goal is simply to ship DAO tools.  Anchors aweigh.

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