P12 Editor Alpha V0.16.0.0 Release Note
  • Added Drawing Mode to the main viewport, now developers can use Drawing Mode to add multiple objects to the main viewport with ease.

  • Added new feature: right-click to create, copy, paste and select referenced objects in the UI folder of prefabricated bodies in the project content.

  • Added new math-related functions.

  • The Editor now supports starting a server separately and adding client functions at runtime.

  • Optimized the default network value, the default alignment value is adjusted to 0.25.

  • Optimized ability objects and equipment objects, added new functions, etc.

  • Optimized hot weapon objects, supports for modifying action properties, etc.

  • Optimized material rules, custom materials, etc.

  • Optimized main viewport locking, and have LS properties saved with the project.

  • Optimized character editor resource download.

  • Optimized client-side maintenance of parent-child object relationship.

  • Optimized automatic naming for creating new prefabs.

  • Optimized default script English content support.

  • Optimized World UI size.

  • Optimized k-v storage to support online data storage under LS.

  • Optimized loading of UITexture resources and Audio resources as they are now loaded dynamically on Mobile-end.

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