August 10th, 2022

Address: \\\bigcat\Meta Version\Dec.30-2

Playza Editor:editor_v0.

August 4th, 2022

We have invited our verified developers on Steam to share some insights about game development and the industry in general.

Today's Verified Developer, Cola Huang, Creator of GoBangTetris, has shared with us his experience of game designing since high school. He is a big fan of narrative and simulation games, and he designed quite a few games, some of which have gone viral on the internet. Behind every game lies the heart and soul of the developer, which also includes moments of inspiration and setbacks. We hope that through the interviews we will be able to share their iridescent journey of game development with you.

Q1: A short introduction of yourself and the current project you are working on?

I'm currently working as R&D in the gaming department of Web2 giant tech firm, but I will actually create some indie games on my own. I just recently took part in Tencent's annual Indie GameJam. My entry has combined the gameplay of Civilizations with the theme of desert control and management. Instead of fighting against other nations and civilizations in the game, the player will need to fight against the desertification of the natural environment. The whole game is set in a desert where the player needs to consolidate the moisture of the soil by growing different types of plants, slowly expanding a small village into a metropolis, protecting the environment and at the same time improving the welfare of the local population.

Q2: What was the first game you developed? How and when did you develop it? (i.e at what age and on what platform?)

I love playing games since I was very young. My father used to play games and took me along with him. He sent me to learn programming when I was young, where I learned both VB and C language, and also made some games with the game editors at that time. I also did a fan sequel to Chinese Paladin (Tier-1 Chinese Game Production), but stopped doing it later due to copyright issues.

I also created a game called “Scissor Paper Stone” when I was in junior high. Players would need to use Scissor Paper Stone to fight against the computer, and each will deduct a drop of blood if they lose one round. The game was not that difficult to make. At first, I asked my classmates to try it, and surprisingly they loved it. From this moment onwards, I fell in love with making games and having people around me to try them out.

The first game I ever officially launched for the public was a game I made in my fourth year at university. The game was called "If You Are The One" and it was a hit on Acfun and Bilibili around 2014. I then signed up with 66 RPG as an official game maker.

August 3rd, 2022


[WorldRun] Fixed the bug that when running the Waterpark Project, the hot air balloon flame will be stuck in the air, which will not be synchronized with the hot air balloon.

Fixed the bug that after the cell phone resources are not updated in the update function.

July 31st, 2022


[Editor - Template Editor] Fixed the bug that when importing a template with script in a new project, the script name of the object manager shows an error if there is a script with the same name in the new project.

[Editor - Object Manager] Fixed the bug that static objects can mount templates with scripts.

July 27th, 2022

Version Address

Update Address: \\\bigcat\Meta Version\December 21

Launcher version number:

July 25th, 2022


[Part B]

  • Fixed the bug that PIE would print the error log after running.
  • Fixed the bug that a lot of error logs would be printed when a Json data was not read after loading resources into the project.
  • Fixed the bug that the editor didn't perform the auto-save operation when the editor focus was lost after setting the editor to auto-save.
  • Fixed the bug that the scene displayed in the editor was misaligned with the actual running scene.
  • Fixed the bug that the PIE would not revert to adaptive when the resolution was set.
  • Fixed the bug that the first-level tag of the template would not change when renaming the template name in the project content.
  • Fixed the bug that selecting the text input box of the property panel and clicking on other property panels again might cause a crash.
  • Fixed the bug of replacing sound effects, and the thumbnail would not refresh.
  • Fixed the bug of searching for non-existent content under the template, and '????????' would appear.
  • Fixed the bug of dragging and dropping a UI with scripts into the template, the exported file didn't contain script files.
  • Fixed the bug that the mouse focus would not refresh instantaneously in the property window and explorer window.
  • Fixed the bug that the character's maximum jump height was not the value set in the player property panel after running PIE.
  • Fixed the bug that the editor would crash when the physical constraint object was its own child object.
  • Fixed the bug that the script of a project with scripts did not take effect in the scene.
  • Fixed the bug that after running a project, but not saving the project, exiting the project and closing the launcher, the unsaved project was present in the local file.
  • Fixed the bug that multiple processes downloading at the same time would cause a crash.
  • Fixed the bug that after a script was renamed, the Name property of the corresponding script's .meta file was still the name before the renaming.
  • Fixed the bug that after renaming a script in the project content module, and mounting the script into the object manager, the name of the script was the name it had when it was created.
July 24th, 2022


In the vast universe of game development, professionals that are well paid and enthusiasts that are powered by the pure love of gaming, co-exist to push the industry to move forward.

The global game industry revenue settled at $180 billion in 2021, expected to double by 2027. In 2021, gamers spent 38 billion hours on Steam, or 4.3 million years equivalent. Steam has over 27 million concurrent users at its ATH, and 130 million monthly active users.

In the post-pandemic era, gaming and virtual lifestyles are taking over. Steam with a 27% growth rate in 2021 made a very strong statement.

July 18th, 2022


[Part A]

  • Fixed the bug that UI could not be displayed when some games were opened on mobile.
  • Fixed the bug that the click position was not available when pressing the move button in the editor.
  • Fixed the bug that the actual effect of the UI-mounted script was not consistent with the normal situation after running.
  • Fixed the bug that when getting the slot position and size interface, it would report errors and could not return to the position and size property.
  • Fixed the bug that the SetScrollBarVisibility interface was invalid after being set in the script.
  • Fixed the bug that the parent object returned by A.GetParent() interface was not the same as the parent object of A in the editor.
  • Fixed the bug that the input box setting Clipping and NoClipiping was invalid, and the line feed remained.
  • Fixed the bug that the transition mode switch in the basic properties of the button was missing.
  • Fixed the bug that when pulling the green border of the control when setting the custom size of the control, the border would jitter.
  • Fixed the bug that when pulling the green border to make the left line become the right line, the green border would become thicker and a huge shadow would appear.
  • Fixed the bug that after setting the character limit of the input box, using the GetInputTextLimit() function to get the character limit should return the number type.
  • Fixed the bug of creating UI A and B, nesting B into A, and deleting UI B in the project content, UI A was also deleted in the scene, and in the object manager, UI A still existed and crashed when clicking on it.
  • Fixed the bug of setting parent node auto layout padding to 100, dragging the left border of the child node, the border of the child node kept jittering.
  • Fixed the bug of creating UI, dragging UI to the main viewport, deleting UI in the project content, and then deleting this UI in the object manager, the editor would crash.
  • Fixed the bug of putting pictures in the picture control in UI editor, clicking to run PIE, the client and the PIE viewport would crash.
  • Fixed the bug of creating a container control, then creating a button control, dragging and dropping the button as a child object of the container in the object list, and pressing ctrl+z to undo, the button object would be deleted.
  • Fixed the bug that on the fourth UI branch, PIE could not operate and kept spinning around.
  • Fixed the bug that UI images could not be displayed on the mobile side in the UI editor.
July 14th, 2022

During the past week, P12 reached multiple milestones in the Genesis Airdrop Event. But without the support of our beloved gamers and developers, we would never have come this far.

We reached out to some gamers ranked within the top 50, hoping to do a short interview about their gaming history. We are lucky and honored to have some kind response from our interviewees. We are here to share it:

July 12th, 2022

Hi everyone! For the past few weeks, P12 Genesis Soul-Bound NFT Airdrop has led us to incredible achievements. We would like to thank all of our participants and hope to bring you some more eventful updates soon!

Here are some highlights of the first phase of our Genesis Soul-Bound NFT Airdrop event.

P12 Genesis Soul-Bound NFT Airdrop

P12 Genesis Soul-Bound NFT Airdrop was launched on 27th Jun 2022. It is a unique airdrop campaign which captures off-chain gaming credentials, including games published on Steam and hours of games played on Steam, and records it into Genesis Soul-Bound NFTs.

July 11th, 2022


  • Removed the function to set the player relationship mode.
  • Added Simulate Physics property check in the editor object properties panel.
  • Added logic objects for projectiles.
  • Added logic objects for effects.
  • Added logic objects for physical constraints.
  • Added logic objects for the axis of rotation.
  • Added custom Key Value storage interface.
  • Added cycle events for game start-up and shut-down.
  • Added multiple functions to the editor.
  • Exposed ground friction properties.
  • Added air control and jump max count functions.
  • Improved character action storage and recall.
  • Replaced some character clothing.
  • Added the material outline function.
  • Optimized the particle batch.
  • Added the full-screen adaptation for mobile.
  • Added PIE login animation prompt.
  • Optimized the editor-related process name.
  • Added shortcut keys to play special effects.
  • Added object grabbing and moving function.
  • Optimized the list content.
  • Unified illegal character detection rules in the text input box.
July 7th, 2022

Looking back at the past, we can see that only a few games were widely adopted worldwide in Web2. But, the games that did - managed to become timeless classics.

The big problem

One of the most significant drawbacks is that almost every game on Web2 or Web3 loses players over time, which causes a downward trend for the in-game economy.

June 30th, 2022

Dear builders, dreamers, fans and everybody in the P12 community,

Hi! This is the first post from me since P12 Genesis Airdrop official launched. I will try to be concise and short as always, and callback to previous post wherever relevant.

On Airdrop

June 30th, 2022

The non-fungible token (NFT) is a new digital asset that resembles the value of real world items according to consensus. The term "non-fungible" means that this type of digital asset is unique, meaning that no two items are exactly the same. These digital tokens represent true ownership that cannot be tampered, and they are empowered by certain rights or privileges that come along with the NFTs themselves.

Therefore, within the GameFi world, the ownership of game assets has always been at the center of the discussion. For example, tokens defined by ERC standards, such as ERC721 and ERC1155, are the blockchain representation of game properties and are used in the Ethereum network to ensure interoperability across different blockchain platforms. In a way, the concept is quite similar to the format of files on a computer (.mp3, .jpeg, etc.).

Thanks to this, NFTs can be easily offered and transacted. In this way, users can exchange gaming properties securely and freely, provided that the properties are liquid. Only in this case can they be treated as assets with an exact value.

June 29th, 2022


Greetings to all our gamers and developers!

We have witnessed more than 30K Steam Gamers and Developers joining the Genesis Soul-Bound NFT Airdrop! Big thanks for your great passion for P12!

This is a step-by-step tutorial on how you can claim NFTs if you are a Steam Gamer or Developer. Feel free to take a close look and if you have further questions, please leave a message here:

June 27th, 2022


  • Fixed the bug that objects in the scene that did not need to be synchronized hadn't been marked as static or single-sided.
  • Fixed the bug that the UI was not triggered when approaching the paper plane.
  • Fixed the bug that the player would remain standing after being killed on the paper plane.
  • Fixed the bug that the character was still lying on the ground when clicking resurrect after death.
  • Fixed the bug that the default character would pop up first when entering the game, and then the UI would load out to overwrite the character.
  • Fixed the bug that some special effects were displayed incorrectly when the character was in running status.
  • Fixed the bug of UI error for all players entering the game on the sixth and thereafter.
  • Fixed the bug that the real-time battle results in the game did not show the players who had already entered.
  • Fixed the bug that clicking the accelerate button would trigger the shoot button.
  • Fixed the bug that when a character was killed while shooting, the act of shooting would not be terminated.
  • Fixed the bug that the gun stayed in the room after the player had exited the room.
  • Fixed the bug that the paper plane could not fly.
  • Fixed the bug that when entering the game, there was a probability of getting stuck in the loading screen and not being able to enter the game.
  • Fixed the bug that the jump height was incorrect when jumping on mushrooms.
  • Fixed the bug that there was a probability that the character could not be resurrected after death.
  • Fixed the bug that players were occasionally unable to shoot during the shooting action.
  • Fixed the bug that the dots of the location were concentrated on the top left corner after zooming in on the mini-map.
  • Fixed the bug that the stronghold UI was not displayed in the corresponding direction.
  • Fixed the bug that the rifle change configuration did not match the actual magazine capacity.
  • Fixed the bug that when a character entered the game, there was a probability that the camera was facing the ground.
  • Fixed the bug that the sound of shooting disappeared on the mobile side.
  • Fixed the bug that the battle settlement was not accessed after the countdown ended.
  • Fixed the bug that when a character was killed during the bullet change, the character would complete the bullet change action before falling to the ground and dying.
  • Fixed the bug that occurred during the movement of the small train on the mobile side.
  • Fixed the bug that the UI of the plane could not be triggered when approaching the paper plane after disguising.
  • Fixed the bug that the crouching action of the character would not take effect.
  • Fixed the bug that the material of the paper plane could only be seen by one person.
  • Fixed the bug that shooting the floor would not trigger the hit effect.
  • Fixed the bug that players who entered later would see the characters of players who entered earlier displayed as default bot characters.
  • Fixed the bug that the game would lag badly after about 30 minutes of normal operation.
  • Fixed the bug of missing death loop animation.
  • Fixed the bug that certain weapons would not cause damage when hit.
June 23rd, 2022

Are you a video-game player? If your answer is a definite yes, here comes another question - Are you a gamer?

Yes, but not that sure this time.

What differentiates a gamer from a player?

June 10th, 2022


  • Added the Template.
  • Added the logic object of the swimming area.
  • Exposed physical properties of static model objects.
  • Initially implemented the humanoid object function.
  • Added volume size API interface for audio objects.
  • Added maximum standing angle API interface and friction interface to the character.
  • Added the API interface for determining whether the character is in a moving or jumping state.
  • Add ragdoll function to the character.
  • Resolved the problem of WR/TS/Character timing.
  • Support triggering interactive objects from the server.
  • Support the synchronization of dressing up.
June 9th, 2022

When Zuckerberg first unveiled his plans for the metaverse in October last year, he had a pretty specific goal in mind that Meta would go beyond the social media experience of today and incorporate VR and AR into its current apps and services. He also mentioned that the new tech was expected to reach a billion people within the next decades.

It is indeed an ambition that would fundamentally change the direction of the company. But is Meta empowering the true metaverse that people are expecting?

People have been dreaming of something like the metaverse for years. If you take a look at the science fiction novels and movies over a long period of time, where virtual reality is normally used to provide people with chances to escape from the reality. Except for this, the recent pandemic has also exponentially increased the need for this technology - countless companies are rethinking their business plans to survive the slump as experts suggest that we'll probably have to encounter more occurrences of similar viruses in the near future. No wonder, the metaverse has the potential to be the biggest business in coming years because it will enable people to immediately transport themselves to another place or even time in virtual space. How incredible!

June 9th, 2022

Dear builders, dreamers, fans and everybody in the P12 community,

This is my first announcement to you as the founder of Project Twelve. In this post, I would like to tell you a bit more about who we are, where we come from, where P12 is heading, and the upcoming milestones for P12 that we can all be excited about. I'll try to keep it short.

Who we are

June 1st, 2022

According to CoinMarketCap, AXS, the token powering P2E (play-to-earn) crypto game Axie Infinity, has dropped nearly 45% in the past month. Last November, AXS hit a high of over $160, and recent prices indicate a drop of more than 88% since then. Alongside AXS, the value of Love Potion (SLP), another type of token that can be earned in the game, is also dropping rapidly. It is currently trading at a little over $0.005 and has been down around 75% over the past three months. As one of the necessities to "mate" and create Axies, the SLP token becomes the core of the game structure, whose continuous decline will lead to the significant shrink of Axies' value.

As we all know, Axie Infinity is currently one of the largest blockchain games and the rapid depreciation of its token also suggests that the game is haemorrhaging users at an alarming rate. Worse still, Axie Infinity is not alone - many crypto games like CryptoMines and Splinterlands are also undergoing a hard time as the values of their tokens have fallen off a cliff in the past 12 months.

So, what happened? What are the reasons behind the struggles of these "highly-promising" projects?

May 30th, 2022


  • Added "crouch" status to the characters.
  • Added follow mode to the movement control mode.
  • Added search function to the project content and the property bar.
  • Added the function of double-clicking on an object to automatically lock the camera to the object's position in the scene to the object manager.
  • Added Alt + left/right-click operation when selecting an object in the main viewport.
  • Added StaticMesh SetMaterial and discarded GameObject SetGameObjectMaterial.
May 29th, 2022

Recently, a number of our devoted members have volunteered to translate P12 Mirror articles or to help write manuals or instructions to help new members get acquainted with P12. We are very grateful for the support and encouragement from all of you!

Here, P12 has compiled a few of the more prominent of these for your convenience.


Two versions of the Chinese translation of GameFi Can Be Much More Than Earnings from Discord users @joseflll and @Allenw:

May 26th, 2022

Project Twelve (P12) is a GameFi ecosystem with sustainable economies. Basically, we define our sustainability as offering true ownership, value discovery, and guaranteed liquidity, which can only work under a well-functional mechanism.

NFTs play an important role in transactions on the GameFi platform. To standardize the operation of badges NFTs on the P12 platform, we established the Spectrum System that regulates the values for badges of different colors. Like the different colors of light in the spectrum are equipped with different wavelengths, the mechanisms for obtaining badges of different rarity also vary.

To be more specific, different badges we release feature different colors - WHITE, GREEN, BLUE, PURPLE, and ORANGE are the five colors that represent the five rarities in the Spectrum System. Each of the five colors of radiance possesses a unique and distinct color code - the very core of the Spectrum System.

May 25th, 2022

On Oct 28, 2021, Facebook announced that it has changed its company name to Meta, indicating its focus will be the metaverse - what Mark Zuckerberg, the chief executive, sees as the next digital frontier of technology.

Everybody is talking about the metaverse today, and many tech giants even regard it as the future and bet on it. But what is metaverse really about? And, why does it matters to each individual?

The term “metaverse” was first introduced in Neil Stevenson's novel, Snow Crash in 1982. It refers to a three-dimensional virtual space where people, as programmable avatars, can interact with each other and software agents. Defined by XR Today, it refers to "a simulated digital environment that uses augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and blockchain, along with concepts from social media, to create spaces for rich user interaction mimicking the real world". Here, metaverse doesn't refer to a specific type of technology; instead, it is a novel ideology that shifts the way people engage in the virtual world with help of technology.

May 24th, 2022


  • Support switching camera-binding objects.
  • Support adjusting property parameters of the material.
  • Support adjusting the transparency of objects and characters.
  • Support the loop setting of sound objects.
  • Support the setting of character generation location after starting PIE.
May 18th, 2022

By definition, game art design is a subset of game development involving the process of creating the artistic aspects of video games. It includes many positions and duties, namely UI design, character design, 3D art design, animation special effects, etc. With the advancement of science and technology, especially the upgrades of computer hardware and software, we are paying more attention to game art design, which also triggers a series of advanced game design technologies.

Game art design often begins when video games start to be created. Similarly, its influence on how players value the game also starts at the very beginning, even at first glance. It is believed that art design is always the first thing every player sees on the screen. If the design is crude and leaves the player with an unpleasant first impression, the player will hardly start the game, not to mention spending more time or money on it.

Besides, the quality of art design also significantly impacts players' engagement. Players want a fun experience that serves as a temporary distraction; they expect the game to bring them to a brand new world, or just to help them kill time in a queue. Therefore, scene design makes up a crucial element of the game. A well-designed and exquisite game scene can set off the atmosphere, which can quickly engage the players in the virtual world of the game. The plots can even let the players sense a certain type of connotation and culture that the game creators want to convey.

May 11th, 2022

What is GameFi?

GameFi seems to make "game" and "finance" inseparable; some people even think GameFi is only for earning but not for pleasure. The concept of GameFi is indeed similar to the idea of "play to earn" since players can earn cryptocurrency and NFT rewards by completing tasks, battling other players, and progressing through the different game levels. However, it should mean much more than that. After all, games are for fun by nature; we cannot call it a game without entertaining elements.

Suppose we jump out of the box and see GameFi from another perspective. We may regard GameFi as a decentralized platform for the sale and distribution of digital games powered by blockchain technology. The concept of decentralization not only differentiates this new type of game from the traditional ones but also means the possibility of bringing the game development to a higher level. In fact, in an ideal model, GameFi should help boost earnings and offer a friendlier environment that enables the developers to create games of higher quality with an easier approach.

May 10th, 2022


  • Added the function of screen click and ray.
  • Added Debug window to show only custom LOG.
  • Added the function of setting new viewpoint resolution.
  • Modified the GameUI interface to be de-UE4ed.
  • Revealed camera properties.
  • Optimized the script layout of the project content to display two lines of the script.
  • Added illegal character limit and error alert control for project naming and renaming.
  • Implemented the effect of character wayfinding guidance for the rocket launch simulator.
  • Reduced draw call by utilizing GPU features to render the same model in one batch, thus reducing consumption.
  • Optimized the speed of running projects within the editor significantly.
April 26th, 2022

The past decades have witnessed the incredible transformation and evolution of the web; the whole evolving process can be divided into three separate stages: Web1, Web2, and Web3. The origin of the web can be traced back to the 1990s, and Web1 was its first iteration. Most participants were consumers of content during that period, and the creators were typically developers who built websites. We can only take Web1 as the ready-only stage because there are limited chances for the web users to interact with each other. We may imagine Web 1 as a news page where we are just able to read online or an email that we cannot engage but have the ability to reply.

Web2 refers to the internet we're currently using, where users can freely connect and interact with each other. We can even create the contents of various forms on ourselves and share them with users all around the world virtually in an instant. Social media like Twitter and Facebook are common examples of Web2.

But there's a problem - though users have more freedom, they are still included in a highly centralized model where the internet is always dominated by companies that provide services in exchange for users' personal data. This is expected to change in Web3 - a virtual world built upon the core concepts of decentralization, which is the core feature that distinguishes it from Web2. To put it simply, in the world of Web3, common users don't have to sacrifice their privacy, and developers no longer need permissions to use the service. You may regard Web 3 as the real world where everyone can live digitally and everything that you do and gather - belongs to you.

April 22nd, 2022


  • Added the function of finding and getting the script object mounted on the game object.
  • Added the function of finding Tag-related APIs.
  • Added the function of finding child objects by name.
  • Added the function of destroying objects dynamically.
  • Added the function of setting the camera FOV dynamically.
  • Added the function of showing and hiding characters.
  • Support adding custom properties to objects.
  • Support attaching objects to the specified socket of the character.
  • Support mounting the object under the specified object as a child object and setting the relative location and rotation of it.
  • Added the GameUI editor.
April 15th, 2022

According to the definition from Merriam-Webster, meritocracy refers to a system, organization, or society in which people are chosen and moved into positions of success, power, and influence based on their demonstrated abilities and merit. In other words, within a meritocratic system, people advance based on their values. This ideology believes that anyone can make it with hard work and dedication. Therefore, everyone is encouraged to make efforts to win more wealth or higher social status. In theory, meritocracy provides a source of motivation, and it can boost the whole system to develop with a joint effort from all insiders.

What if we apply this ideology to the gaming industry? And how can we boost the industry by solving practical problems with a meritocratic system?

For instance, in the traditional model, game publishers have total control, which ultimately increases economic inflation over time and mistrust between developers and users. What's worse, game platforms usually have a significant flaw that they are unable to fix - they tend to focus on content that brings the highest revenue. Because of that, creators have to abandon interesting, innovative, and artistic approaches to gaming and focus mainly on how to survive through making profits.

April 15th, 2022


  • WorldRun refactoring completed.
  • Data storage connecting KV completed, using the original storage interface.
  • Added the callback interface of projectile hit.
  • Added object lock, hide and show functions in the object manager.
April 8th, 2022


  • Support text color change and image addition function.
  • Added control mode to the character:
April 1st, 2022


  • Added the function of dynamic object generation.
  • Improved the speed of downloading the full amount of resources after login.
  • Support import and export of scripts.
  • Modified PIE to mobile mode, which will show the mouse cursor and can operate the screen UI controls.
March 29th, 2022

The Metaverse is the future. In a sense, it is an ultimate destination for gamers to experience content in a way they want without being bounded to design limitations. Through the years, people have always imagined a digital world where people can escape and live the lives they want but, for some reason, are unable to in real life. While recently, the metaverse concept became popular due to movies such as Ready Player One and Minority Report, or Facebook changing its name to Meta, the idea was long in the making. 1982 Tron, perhaps the earliest Metaverse to appear in film or Matrix, portraying a digital world controlled by machines, proved that our vision of the digital world where our avatars exist didn't change much.

Yet, until recently, Metaverse was not possible to adopt - we had the tools to develop it, but we had no technology and infrastructure to run it. It all changed with the adoption of faster computing power and 5G technology that allowed tens of thousands of devices to communicate with each other and increased the connection speed drastically while reducing latency to 10x lower than the human eye can see.

Now that finally, after a couple of decades of waiting for technology to catch up, we are back to square one for the need for tools to allow creators to develop unique metaverse content and a platform that can run it. This is where the P12 story begins.

March 29th, 2022


  • Optimized the function that the third-person camera would automatically move up after colliding with the character and would not interpose itself into the character's body.
  • Removed the option to create a folder from the right-click menu in the blank area of the script window.
  • Added sorting, searching and displaying last modified time functions at project homepage.
  • Configured content updates in updated announcement.
  • Added a temporary chat input button in main interface. After input, the text message can be displayed above the character, and it's visible to other players.
March 25th, 2022


  • Added automatic setting of three camera directions of down, right and back to the right-click menu of the object selected in the main viewport and removed the function of focus in the setting.

  • Optimized viewpoint manipulation by removing the right joystick and now able to manipulate the viewpoint by swiping the blank screen position.

  • Added characture jump interface with the following code:

    class CharacterJumpTest extends MWCore.MWScript {
    Character: GamePlay.Character;
    OnPlay() {
    this.Character = GamePlay.GetCurrentPlayer().Character;
    BindPlayerInput(): void {
    this.Character.OnSkill1Trigger.Add(() => {
    export default CharacterJumpTest;

March 19th, 2022


  • Support copying the project folder to other user directories to directly open the project using the editor.
  • Optimized the main viewport camera control shortcut keys Q and E, from moving up and down in accordance with the Z axis to moving up and down in accordance with the camera (e.g., the camera can be panned after setting the top view position).
  • After focusing on an object in the main viewport, the mouse will operate the camera to rotate to the center of the focused object. Using WSAD to move the camera can cancel the focus state.
  • Added undo (Ctrl+Z) and restore (Ctrl+Y) functions.
  • Added copy (Ctrl+C), paste (Ctrl+V), cut (Ctrl+X), delete (Delete), rename (F2) and copy ID functions.
  • Added the function of hovering the mouse over the resource to show the Guid in the resource manager and object manager
  • Added search function to object manager.
  • Added the right-click menu function to the script.
  • Added import function to the script.
  • Added get object Guid in API interface. In the script, you can get the object Guid by this.gameObject.GetGuid().
  • Added backup function to the project menu. A new backup project will be generated in the current project storage location after backup.
  • Updated the editor and mobile phone logo.
March 15th, 2022

Function Content

  • Skybox object: support modifying color properties, cloud properties, and sun properties to change the sky effects.
  • Ambient light object: support modifying color properties to change the ambient light effect.
  • Sunlight object: support modifying color properties and shadow attributes to change the sunlight effect.
  • Character object: support modifying basic properties of the character as well as choosing the first-person or third-person camera function.
  • UI controls: support creating UI containers, picture boxes, text boxes, UI buttons, input box objects in the object manager.
  • UI widget: support creating chat bubbles and character header name function.
  • Trigger object: divided into circular trigger object and square trigger object to be chose according to the requirements.
  • Camera object: support setting basic camera properties.
  • Interactive object: create static interactions by modifying bound character interactions, bound character slots, and binding trigger objects.
  • Constraint rotation object: create objects with rotation requirements by modifying the maximum rotation angle, rotation time, and binding trigger objects.
  • Equipment object: create equipment or props by modifying character handheld actions, binding character slots, and binding trigger objects.
  • Blocking area object: create impassable areas by modifying the scaling properties of the object
  • Static mesh object: support replacing model, replacing material, and modifying material color.
  • Player start object: modify the position coordinates and rotation angle of the initial point object to change the initial position and orientation of the character.
  • Hot weapon object: quickly create various types of thermal weapons by adjusting the property parameters.
  • Skill object: quickly create various types of skills by adjusting property parameters.
  • Game setting function: support setting gravity, player relationship mode, maximum number of players, number of camps, and number of players in each camp in the game by adjusting parameters.
  • Support spectating function.
  • Character support dressing, color change, socket and character part differentiation functions.
March 13th, 2022

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Welcome to the P12!

Project Twelve, as we refer to it as P12 in short, is an upcoming GameFi platform that allows Web2 and Web3 to co-exist together in harmony in a truly sustainable economy. Many gaming companies and gaming platforms plan to build their metaverse ecosystem. Still, we noticed challenges that both traditional gaming giants and blockchain veterans cannot fill.