Genesis Soul-Bound NFT Airdrop Highlights

Hi everyone! For the past few weeks, P12 Genesis Soul-Bound NFT Airdrop has led us to incredible achievements. We would like to thank all of our participants and hope to bring you some more eventful updates soon!

Here are some highlights of the first phase of our Genesis Soul-Bound NFT Airdrop event.

P12 Genesis Soul-Bound NFT Airdrop

P12 Genesis Soul-Bound NFT Airdrop was launched on 27th Jun 2022. It is a unique airdrop campaign which captures off-chain gaming credentials, including games published on Steam and hours of games played on Steam, and records it into Genesis Soul-Bound NFTs.

Within a week, we had more than 520K verified Steam gamers and developers and 210K on-chain NFT holders, the most among any Web3 projects.

We also had various games from developers who claimed our P12 badges. They are introduced every day through our official Twitter.

Social Media

Within a few weeks, we had a drastic increase in followers and engagements. We now have over 50K users on our social platform and it is growing rapidly in seconds. We wouldn't have reached this without your support and enthusiasm.

We were also covered by hundreds of top-tier media for history-breaking results, mentioned as the largest number of engaged users in the Web3 gaming platform space.

"The airdrop's greater-than-expected popularity is a testament to P12's strong brand recognition and the appeal of its innovative vision to the gaming community." —YahooFinance

Stay tuned for the next phase!

For the next phase, we plan to bring more eventful updates and campaigns for everyone. Genesis Soul-Bound NFT Airdrop will reopen soon with future events.

Check out our Genesis Airdrop:

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