P12 Editor Alpha V0.19.0.0 Release Note
  • [New] Added new realistic-style characters in the character editor

  • [New] Added motion game function object

  • [New] Added new system callback events

  • [New] Added custom crop distance to static mesh / four-wheeled vehicles / special effects

  • [New] Added the Impulse game function object

  • [New] Added new stance object

  • [New] Added new API that can forcefully update character position. With this, you can make objects push the character to move smoothly

  • [New] You can now search project content files using project ID

  • [New] Scene objects dragged to the prefab directory to now directly become a prefab

  • [New/Mobile Editor] Added new API for image/button component - use local paths with images

  • [Mobile Editor] New interface related to copy/paste with TS

  • [Optimization] Optimized auto-login feature

  • [Optimization] Optimized the display of privacy agreements on the login screen

  • [Optimization] Optimized support point constraint. Removed the constraint properties in the property panel, simplified the process of using these objects

  • [Optimization] When using the ragdoll function, the skeleton size will now be automatically stretched according to the current size of the character

  • [Optimization] Optimized object selection in the Object Manager

  • [Optimization] Optimized control for the eyedropper widget

  • [Optimization] Optimized project content search optimization

  • [Optimization] There will now be a pop-up reminder when you use the eyedropper widget on static objects

  • [Optimization] Optimized prefab runtime loading mechanism

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