Binance Account Bound Token (BAB Token) Integrated by P12
August 26th, 2022


To honor the deep-bound partnership between P12 & BNB Chain, Soulbound Token (BAB Token) carried out by BNB Chain will feature exclusive benefits in P12 in terms of:

  1. Special Account Cosmetics
  2. Exclusive Campaign
  3. Exclusive Discord Role


Special Account Cosmetics

P12 users who hold BAB token will have special account appearance in their user detail page, BAB token verified user will be featured as “Premium User” in P12 with many other priviledge to be unlocked in the future!

Demo Interface
Demo Interface

Exclusive Campaign

P12 users who hold BAB token will be eligible for a series of BAB holders exclusive giveaways that represents value and scarcity. Each campaign will be carried out by P12 with premium rewards & high recognization. BAB holders can join the exclusive campaign through P12 Airdrop Page.

Demo Interface
Demo Interface

Exclusive Discord Role

Those who hold both BAB tokens and P12 Genesis NFT will be able to verify their assets ownership in P12 discord server to unlock P12 × BAB holder discord role.

What’s Next


BAB Token Verification will be available for user upon launch, user may be verified in the following channels:

  1. P12 Discord
  2. P12 Airdrop

Stay Up-to-date

Follow P12 Twitter & P12 Discord for latest announcement regarding BAB Holder’s exclusive benefits coming up in September. Join now!

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