P12 Arcana: Recap, Stats & More
November 17th, 2022

A Quick Recap

P12 Arcana is one of the largest on-chain gaming carnivals in Web3, designed to feature one of the largest E-sport tournaments: TI11 of Dota2; During P12 Arcana, users were able to make prediction, take part in fun event and earn rewards in the form of: Stable Coins, NFTs, Real-world Merch, etc

Sponsorship Accquired

During P12 Arcana, we are honored to have generous sponsorship from our beloved partners: BNB Chain, Galxe, CyberConnect, Quest3, Yeeha Games, Mixmob & Archloot. We would like to warmly thank all sponsored partners and share the success with them.

Stats & Achievements

  • Over 36k participants took part in P12 Arcana

  • Over 11k Daily Active Users (DAU)

  • Over 11k On-chain Transactions Initiated daily

  • Over 77k UAW

  • P12 Arcana was peaked at #3 Dapp on BNBChain according to DappRadar

The Pre-Hype

  • Over 8000+ Impressions across the space

  • 500k+ Entires on Gleam.io

  • 4 TI11 Final Tickets were issued to the winner, total of $4000+ value in the secondary market.

Panels & AMAs

  • 6 AMAs done during P12 Arcana

  • Highest of 8k+ concurrent viewers in a single AMA

User Growth

  • P12 Verified Users reached 1,000,000 during P12 Arcana and actively increasing

  • P12 Genesis NFT now has over 630,000+ unique on-chain holders


P12 has gained considerable awareness across the space during the last couple of months. P12 Arcana was yet another bold trial to onboard the E-sport audience into web3 gaming, gamifying onchain interaction with game centric activities. P12 will continue to deliver best in class products and countless fun & beneficial events to our users.

Specially Thanks to

P12 hereby present deep appreciation towards our sponsored partners of P12 Arcana: BNB Chain, Galxe, Quest3, Cyberconnect, Yeeha Games, Mixmob, Archloot. Let us thrive together and get through the dark moments!

The beloved partners
The beloved partners
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