Liquidity Incentivization Program

The PNGA Liquidity Incentivization Program is threefold:

1) Initial Liquidity

To facilitate robust liquidity for trading of the PNGA token on Uniswap following the public sale, we will seed a PNGA/USDC pool using some of the PNGA tokens provisioned for liquidity incentives along with an equal portion of the DAO treasury’s USDC from the public sale. This will reduce the community’s exposure to impermanent loss at outset and establish a deep secondary market for PNGA immediately after the public sale, while allowing more prospective community members to purchase tokens.

2) Liquidity Mining

Pangea will incentivize two liquidity pools with boosted yield in PNGA tokens: PNGA/USDC & PNGA/ETH. The liquidity mining program provides another opportunity for users to generate yield on their $PNGA, while also further facilitating robust liquidity for price discovery in secondary DEX markets. These rewards will be distributed over a 5 month period following TGE. By frontloading the rewards in the first few months, the DAO avoids the long-term sell pressure from farm-and-dumpers which is often associated with liquidity mining programs.

3) Single-Sided Staking

For our community and token holders who have unwavering belief in Pangea’s long term growth and vision, but don’t want to be exposed to impermanent loss (IL), we wanted to ensure you have the opportunity to grow your $PNGA as well. This is why we are announcing Pangea’s single-sided staking program.

When we first set out to design the staking program we envisioned rewarding our most faithful stakeholders with larger rewards. The rewards from the staking program will be time-weighted, meaning that the longer a token holder locks their $PNGA, the greater the payout will be. This structure rewards the most diamond-handed Pangea members while still rewarding early supporters who are averse to lock-ups. Users may also take their sPNGA and continue to participate in DAO governance with boosted voting power.

Initially, the staking rewards will be solely funded by the liquidity mining allocation of PNGA tokens, but as the project matures and the treasury begins to produce revenues, the DAO can vote to direct a percentage of DAO revenues to stakers and liquidity providers. The rationale behind this would be to subsidize staking and LP yield in order to incentivize holders to lock up their PNGA tokens. Eventually, protocol generated revenues may provide a substantial staking yield directly out of DAO’s holdings, as long as the DAO participants vote and agree on this.

Stakers are able to select from unlocked to locked for two years, where rewards and governance power weighting vary. See the chart and formula below for a breakdown.

Reward multiple and governance boost = 1 (standard weight) + x/12 (where x is the amount of months locked)
Reward multiple and governance boost = 1 (standard weight) + x/12 (where x is the amount of months locked)

DAO participants will, of course, have the opportunity to divert further funds towards liquidity related operations after the initial 5 months have passed and the first Liquidity Incentives Program has been completed.

Pangea will enable for staking of locked tokens to incentivize early supporters. To smooth the introduction of $PNGA supply through rewards, Pangea will lock and linearly vest all time-locked staking and liquidity bonus rewards (anything above reward multiple of 1x) for 6 months.

Security is of the utmost importance and we feel as though a full audit will be necessary before anything is released. Once the audit is finalized, we will release the staking pools. So, get your $PNGA tokens ready to stake and earn the rewards you deserve!

Make sure to follow our Twitter and engage with our Discord to stay up to date with all the opportunities to get on the Presale Allowlist. Also, see the roadmap on our website to understand our plans following the token launch. Stay tuned for more updates to come as we rapidly approach our Presale!


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