September 2nd, 2022

PangeaDAO is partnering with Boson Protocol v2, the breakthrough technology enabling digital to physical redemption without intermediaries. At Pangea, we pride ourselves on not only investing in land, but also working to build a vibrant and exciting ecosystem within the Metaverse that will attract both brands and new users. This partnership will enable PangeaDAO to sell physical products as NFTs from within the Metaverse through Boson Protocol v2. 

Boson Protocol is Web3 infrastructure that automates digital to physical redemptions with minimized arbitration, using NFTs encoded with game theory. By tokenizing physical items and their data, and allowing them to be sold seamlessly online, Boson enables new commercial experiences for brands and consumers in Web3. It allows consumers to purchase virtual or in-game goods as NFTs, which can then be redeemed for their real-world equivalents, connecting reality and the Metaverse. 

PangeaDAO is delighted to be official Launch Partners with Boson Protocol as a key facilitator in Metaverse Commerce to enable in-world, coin-agnostic, and digital-to-physical sales with seamless UX. It truly is a significant leap forward in the Metaverse experience and we intend to leverage the technology immediately.

Justin Banon Co-Founder of Boson Protocol says, “We are thrilled to partner with PangeaDAO to allow more brands to set up shop in the Metaverse with Boson Protocol v2, paving the way for the future of commerce. At Metaverse Fashion Week, we facilitated the sale of physical products as NFTs in Decentraland. These coveted virtual stores were managed by Tommy Hilfiger, Cider, IKKS, Deadfellaz, 8SIAN and more. Now, we’re teaming up with PangeaDAO to enable the decentralized commercial exchange of any physical thing as redeemable, tradeable NFTs.”

July 26th, 2022

The proto-Metaverse is composed of siloed digital worlds. Different worlds may require different hardware for users, most assets cannot be transferred from one platform to another, and development in various worlds may call for the use of multiple engines, SDKs, and environments. While blockchain technology is conducive to creating truly open and interoperable digital worlds, the Metaverse as currently constructed still has a long way to go.

Why is Metaverse Interoperability Important?

Interoperability is a prerequisite to building interconnected experiences that provide new opportunities for economic, social, and cultural change. These immersive experiences will enhance events, entertainment, social spaces, and working environments. As individuals and collectives across the globe begin to build, experiment with, and participate in increasingly engaging experiences, it will become progressively more important to remove barriers to creating these experiences. We must ensure a composable, scalable ecosystem of interconnected and interoperating products, services, and knowledge to augment and transcend physical events, environments, and experiences.

Creators and investors will benefit from an interoperable Metaverse as their creations and investments will become world-agnostic and transcend the limitations of specific realms. This will provide builds, scenes, wearables, experiences, and in-game assets with value beyond the platform that they currently reside in. Gamers have spent several billion dollars on Fortnite skins. Although they technically "own" these assets, they cannot trade, sell, rent, or collateralize them nor transfer these isolated items to other games or accounts. Avatars, wearables, spaces, and experiences that could be seamlessly deployed into any world ranging from Decentraland to Grand Theft Auto would have far more utility than assets bound to a particular platform. This interoperability will enable all participants to control their digital identity and assets, taking them to whatever worlds they please.

July 8th, 2022

Welcome back! For the last several months, we have been hard at work building out PangeaPartners, the consulting arm of our DAO. Through hundreds of conversations with brands and marketing agencies, we’ve learned that there is a healthy mix of curiosity, intrigue, and lack of urgency. Outside of the Web3 space, companies are still operating deliberately, guided by KPI metrics and often quarterly cycles. They have a budget and they spend based on justification through analytics. Likely, their budget was built out in Q4 2021 for 2022 annual planning, and chances are “Metaverse Implementation” was not a line item. However, we have found that these brands and marketing agencies have overestimated the budget and resource allocation to strategize, design, and implement in the Metaverse to set baseline expectations, metrics, and learnings. Enter, PangeaPartners. Indulge us for a moment.

Why Establish a Metaverse Strategy?

When the synapses of the fragmented proto-metaverse begin to light up and give life to the connected, inter-operable capital “M” Metaverse, the far-reaching economic and social implications will be clear. Virtual, augmented, and mixed-reality worlds will enable robust environments for our First, Second, and Third Places. The new avenues of interoperable e-commerce, marketing, and coworking will transform how businesses engage with customers and build brand-loyal community. Essentially, these new technological capabilities and models of interaction will spawn many new businesses and ways of conducting business.

The brands and companies that are best positioned to benefit from this new paradigm will likely be the ones that accept the inevitability of the Metaverse the earliest… then test, learn, and iterate while providing new value-add to their customers. Organizations must develop strategies to have a meaningful presence in this world, planning for a future where digital identity is as (or more) important than physical identity. The time is now to think big, start small, and scale fast. Ultimately, a meaningful segment of the 200 million businesses on Earth will find themselves at the intersection of physical and virtual worlds, providing customer-centric experiences to augment their physical offerings, leverage the ownership model to provide ongoing value, and ultimately be at the forefront of shaping what may be the biggest paradigm shift since the invention of the Internet.

May 10th, 2022

PangeaDAO has officially planted our flag in the history of Digital Worlds.

We are proud to announce that on 7th May at approximately 11:08pm EST 2022, PangeaDAO purchased a total of 25 contiguous plots in DCL’s Fashion District for a combined total of approximately $170,200.

This allocation represents 148,000 MANA (5,920 MANA/$6808 per parcel), and it is a foundational step in building a world class Metaverse Digital Land Treasury, one which we intend to fully develop and commercialize.

Pangea will work with our Creators Guild and partners to develop a unique and unified plan for the Estate, creating value while also seeking opportunities for revenue generation through staking, renting, commercializing, collateralizing, and more.

April 29th, 2022

After months of building relationships, ideating our vision, and mobilizing a community, PangeaDAO's Presale has successfully closed -- netting 111.01 ETH! This article is to recap the event further. THANK YOU and congratulations to everyone that participated. We'd also like to thank those that plan to join us in the Public Sale and all our frens that are active in Pangea's Discord. We appreciate all of you and we are dedicated to continuously connecting with the community as we further Pangea's mission.

Purpose of the Presale

Pangea was founded out of the ideology that Metaverse participation should be open to all. Creators should have access to all methods of self-expression, and investors regardless of size or affiliation should have an equal opportunity to benefit. We believe in standing by our ethos, and not sacrificing decentralisation of the DAO. Therefore, Pangea did not seek nor accept any early investment prior to allowing our early contributors access to the Presale.

However, it costs resources to start a project with a strong, long-term foundation. The core team has worked tirelessly to build Pangea, bootstrapping every step of the way. We work for Pangea and Pangea's community, and will continue to do so. Our journey thus far has been entirely through bootstrapping, so we are really looking forward to kicking things into overdrive now that we have some funds. All the funds raised in the Presale will go towards adding incremental value by demonstrating our vision and our effectiveness, then launching the best possible Public Sale. Any additional funds that do not get used will go directly into the Pangea Treasury.

April 15th, 2022


Pangea is excited to announce that InternDAO will be joining the DAO's board as an official advisor.

InternDAO is an admissions only research and development DAO focused on having fun, sharing alpha, and building the decentralized future with friends.

InternDAO will advise on our Token Design, DeFi opportunities, and Treasury Management. They'll also support Pangea's implementation of systems, processes, and structures to establish best practices for yield farming and directional trading based on our collective risk tolerance and target returns.

April 14th, 2022

The following article outlines Pangea's Token Economics in detail. Extensive thought and research has been put into creating a tokenomics model that i) incentivizes participation, ii) rewards holders iii) does not suffer from selling pressure & intense devaluation & iv) creates deflationary buy pressure. Additional effort has been made to ensure that whales and large players are not able to buy an extensive amount of tokens at pre-sale price, to avoid anyone having too large control of the token (& price). The vesting schedules have been made to ensure that there is a long-term incentive model in place for the core team and contributors, that both fairly rewards the team and community while also keeping the token price stable.

Token design is a novel practice and there are many models that are currently being developed or have yet to be developed to best address token utility, token distribution, and token economics. Thus the token design will be an ongoing iteration that is co-created with the community to create the best possible tokenomics for Pangea. Remaining open-minded and receptive to potential improvements is a feature, not a bug.

The first part of this article will detail the PNGA Token Utility and the benefits that holders of the token receive. This will be followed up with an outline of the token supply, distribution and emissions. Pangea has worked closely with InternDAO - experts in the fields of token design - to create an incentivizing, efficient, and sustainable token economy.

April 14th, 2022

The PNGA Liquidity Incentivization Program is threefold:

1) Initial Liquidity

To facilitate robust liquidity for trading of the PNGA token on Uniswap following the public sale, we will seed a PNGA/USDC pool using some of the PNGA tokens provisioned for liquidity incentives along with an equal portion of the DAO treasury’s USDC from the public sale. This will reduce the community’s exposure to impermanent loss at outset and establish a deep secondary market for PNGA immediately after the public sale, while allowing more prospective community members to purchase tokens.

April 12th, 2022

Gm and welcome back! This is the first post since our 3-piece series on Metaverse land in which we outlined our current thoughts on valuation, in-house DAO squads, and revenue generation. PangeaDAO is focused on developing and building on our land assets while connecting with brands as long-term tenants. The purpose of this article is to share PangeaDAO’s current Metaverse land investment thesis that will guide our initial treasury allocations post-launch. It will be a living document that we will be evaluating actively and will regularly undergo updates through monthly reviews and community calls to reflect any adjustments in Pangea’s views.

The Metaverse has a long way to go. Aside from a few extreme cynics that believe it’s merely a fad, we can mostly agree there’s plenty of upside and growth opportunity. It doesn’t feel like all that long ago that there were few options across the ecosystem of decentralized digital worlds. Today, the long-tail of digital worlds is growing exponentially and the testing grounds should continue expanding for the foreseeable future.

We believe the investment entry into Metaverse land is quite good in terms of timing. Facebook’s rebrand to Meta set blue chips’ digital land on a tear back in October 2021, which has cooled off considerably while in-world building and content development has begun. Despite overall decreases in sales, the average price per parcel has not followed that trajectory. Land has changed hands over the last several months from flippers into more steady hands and now begins the development.

Source: Parcel ‘Q1 2022 Metaverse VRE Report
Source: Parcel ‘Q1 2022 Metaverse VRE Report
April 7th, 2022

Pangea was founded on the idea that every investor deserves access to the same tools, resources, and leverage that the big guys have. Pangea is about leveling out the playing field – and providing our community with the opportunity to collectively own, build, and benefit from Metaverse assets.

What started with an ideology about equitable, community-based investing is finally coming to life after months of development. Pangea is excited to announce the official presale allowlist for the upcoming $PNGA token. Please check this tweet to learn more about how we have allocated allowlist spots and check this link to ensure that you are on the allowlist.

$PNGA is a governance token, whereby holders are incentivized to participate in the DAO through our governance mining program. By staking $PNGA and making governance contributions, members can accrue additional $PNGA (Read more about $PNGA here). This is further explained in the Tokenomics of Pangea.

March 7th, 2022

Welcome back for the third and final edition of Pangea’s Virtual Land Series! We hope you enjoyed Edition One and Edition Two. In this edition, we will outline Pangea’s plan and current thinking for: Generating Revenue with our Virtual Land. Virtual land will one day be a yield-bearing, high-appreciation asset, with sophisticated brokerage and financing markets in place to help people obtain it. As the ecosystem is built out, we expect the number of applications and opportunities to leverage virtual land to multiply, and the options below will pale in comparison to what will one day be available.

Generating Revenue Through DeFi

Decentralized finance has established itself as one of pillars of the Web3 ecosystem and Pangea will explore emergent opportunities at the intersection of DeFi and NFTs to create revenue streams from our developed land. Such revenue will not be tied to the volatile prices of virtual land, and its continued flow of revenue ensure a steady stream of funds to the treasury, from which we can fund further land purchases and builds. This intersectional space as a whole is quite nascent, and many of the existing opportunities are relatively untested and unproven. This allows Pangea to be on the cutting edge of innovation, working alongside our community and partners to develop and utilize models that will benefit the Metaverse as a whole. Options including, but not limited to, the following opportunities will be considered by the community:

February 18th, 2022

Welcome back! We hope you enjoyed Edition One of Pangea’s Virtual Land Series. In this edition, we will outline Pangea’s plan and current thinking for: Establishing a 'DAO Squad' structure to plan, design, & execute Metaverse digital land strategies.

Digital worlds across the Metaverse are visibly sparse. Too many landowners are passive speculators, buying and holding their digital asset that is likely to grow in demand. The value of digital land, broadly speaking, depends on user growth and activity. Content will transform virtual land from an inert, speculative asset into a productive one. The vitality of the Metaverse depends on it. Perhaps, some speculators simply lack the knowledge, resources, connections, and incentives to build on their land. PangeaDAO is building a Community with domain expertise and desire to level-up the Metaverse. As famed investor Charlie Munger once said, “show me the incentives and I’ll show you the outcome.” Pangea is designing incentives for the architects, designers, connectors, thinkers, and planners to organize and build, rewarding those who enrich the ecosystem as a whole to drive community development across the Metaverse.

These types of individuals will be the driving force in creating valuable experiences in the Metaverse. In addition to internally-driven creations, the opportunity to deliver value to small, medium, and enterprise businesses is massive. In order to optimize and organize, Pangea will be establishing squads within the DAO.

February 7th, 2022

In this series, we will outline PangeaDAO’s strategies and current thinking for:

  • Evaluating Virtual Land to assemble a robust portfolio of DAO holdings
  • Establishing ‘DAO Squad’ structures to plan, design, & execute digital builds
  • Generating active & passive revenue from PangeaDAO land holdings

We’re all new to the Metaverse. New digital worlds, analytical capabilities, and immersive hardware will emerge relentlessly throughout the next decade – PangeaDAO is resolved to remain current with all of it and, we invite you to join us. We hope these articles inform the future PangeaDAO community of paths we may take and spur conversations on which options we collectively pursue.

January 14th, 2022

In 2021, NFTs and blockchain-based gaming have flourished, while Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft and Nike have acknowledged the importance of digital ownership as well as the increasing convergence between virtual and physical worlds. These factors, along with the speculative nature of the crypto community, have brought a new wave of attention, funding, and innovation to the space, which has led to the significant appreciation of the price of Metaverse plots across all protocols. Despite the top 10 projects growing over 7000% in 2021, the total market cap of Metaverse crypto networks is only $34 billion. Considering the $924 billion market cap of Facebook (Meta), the $2 trillion market cap of the gaming sector, and the influx of companies into the Metaverse, it is clear that there is tremendous opportunity in the market of Metaverses.

Despite this potential for growth, high prices, technical difficulties, time constraints, and the need for domain expertise create prohibitively high barriers to entry for many potential investors. It can be a full-time job to learn about and optimize for each opportunity, even just within a single protocol. These factors leave many retail investors at a large disadvantage. Pangea was created to address these issues.