Partnership: InternDAO joins Pangea's Advisory Board


Pangea is excited to announce that InternDAO will be joining the DAO's board as an official advisor.

InternDAO is an admissions only research and development DAO focused on having fun, sharing alpha, and building the decentralized future with friends.

InternDAO will advise on our Token Design, DeFi opportunities, and Treasury Management. They'll also support Pangea's implementation of systems, processes, and structures to establish best practices for yield farming and directional trading based on our collective risk tolerance and target returns.

Pangea and InternDAO are excited to explore ways of bridging our communities and building deeper ties. Pangea is building out an ecosystem with like-minded projects through inter-DAO (D2D) partnerships to align the incentives for both parties involved and accelerate collaboration. Pangea and InternDAO hope this will set a precedent for other DAOs and projects to partner in a similar spirit.

Pangea will be co-hosting a Spaces with InternDAO at 5pm EST on 17th April to discuss our partnership and recently released Tokenomics & Liquidity Mirror articles.

Stay tuned for more updates to come as we rapidly approach our Presale on 18th April!


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