Announcing PangeaDAO's Launch Partnership with Boson Protocol v2

PangeaDAO is partnering with Boson Protocol v2, the breakthrough technology enabling digital to physical redemption without intermediaries. At Pangea, we pride ourselves on not only investing in land, but also working to build a vibrant and exciting ecosystem within the Metaverse that will attract both brands and new users. This partnership will enable PangeaDAO to sell physical products as NFTs from within the Metaverse through Boson Protocol v2. 

Boson Protocol is Web3 infrastructure that automates digital to physical redemptions with minimized arbitration, using NFTs encoded with game theory. By tokenizing physical items and their data, and allowing them to be sold seamlessly online, Boson enables new commercial experiences for brands and consumers in Web3. It allows consumers to purchase virtual or in-game goods as NFTs, which can then be redeemed for their real-world equivalents, connecting reality and the Metaverse. 

PangeaDAO is delighted to be official Launch Partners with Boson Protocol as a key facilitator in Metaverse Commerce to enable in-world, coin-agnostic, and digital-to-physical sales with seamless UX. It truly is a significant leap forward in the Metaverse experience and we intend to leverage the technology immediately.

Justin Banon Co-Founder of Boson Protocol says, “We are thrilled to partner with PangeaDAO to allow more brands to set up shop in the Metaverse with Boson Protocol v2, paving the way for the future of commerce. At Metaverse Fashion Week, we facilitated the sale of physical products as NFTs in Decentraland. These coveted virtual stores were managed by Tommy Hilfiger, Cider, IKKS, Deadfellaz, 8SIAN and more. Now, we’re teaming up with PangeaDAO to enable the decentralized commercial exchange of any physical thing as redeemable, tradeable NFTs.”

About PangeaDAO

PangeaDAO is a Metaverse real estate trust that acquires, develops, and commercializes land in virtual worlds. Pangea’s investment, development, and consulting arms work to create a more equitable and accessible Metaverse for individuals, collectives, and brands.

Pangea sits at the intersection between Web3 communities and creators, the land they build on, and the Web2 brands that seek to enter these new and untested markets. Pangea collaborates with and supports users, architects, developers, guilds, brands, and projects producing virtual worlds and metaversal infrastructure to create value in the Metaverse for our community.

About Boson Protocol 

Boson Protocol is Web3’s commerce Layer, enabling the decentralized commercial exchange of any physical thing as redeemable NFTs.  

No need to trust centralized intermediaries or sellers. Instead, Boson is an efficient, optimistic, fair-exchange protocol built using smart contracts encoded with game theory, with escalation to independent dispute resolvers. Simply purchase the redeemable NFT and get the physical item, or your money back.

Boson Protocol v2 launches in Q4 2022 and has been lauded as a foundational piece of Web3 infrastructure, with Boson being awarded World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer status for the potential of this technology to democratize and transform global commerce.


We are incredibly honored and excited to be a part of Boson’s v2 launch which will have tremendous impacts throughout the Metaverse as we know it. We will be continuously releasing more info as we look to roll out our implementation to support the commercialization of PangeaDAO’s estate in Decentraland.

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