May 17th, 2022

无处不在的 P2P 兑换网络,100% 永久持续和 0% 滑点损失。


去中心化交易所在过去几年中创造了巨大的价值,DeFi 锁仓量超过 2000 亿美金。这些价值由去中心化的区块链智能合约所承载,从 20 年中旬开始,DeFi 的经济模型层出不穷,锁仓量迅速从几十亿美金扩展到千亿美金,可谓爆发式的增长。但是 DeFi 的性能和用户体验却一直没有改善,性能、成本和用户体验已经成为区块链扩展的重大难题。

Arweave 和 SCP(存储共识范式)为性能、成本和用户体验带来了新的解决方案。使用 SCP 开发的 everPay 具备实时的代币支付功能,可提供千万级别的交易量,同时将不同区块链的转账体验统一为更接近传统的支付方式。不论是用户还是开发者,都可以获得更便宜和高效的区块链体验。在 Arweave 和 everPay 协议之上,我们创建了 Permaswap Network,为 DeFi 用户提供更快的交易、更低的成本、和更好的用户体验。

May 16th, 2022

Omnipresent Peer-to-peer; 100% Permanent 0% slippage.


Decentralized exchanges have created tremendous value over the past few years, with DeFi TVL exceeding $200 billion. This value is carried out with decentralized blockchain smart contracts. Since 2020, DeFi has seen an explosion of various economic models, with TVL rapidly expanding from billions to hundreds of billions of dollars. However, DeFi's performance and user experience have not improved. Also, performance, gas fee costs and user experience has become a major challenge for blockchain scaling.

Arweave and SCP (Storage Consensus Paradigm) bring a new solution to performance, gas fee cost and user experience. everPay, based on SCP, features real-time token payments that deliver 10 million transactions while unifying the transfer experience across different blockchains into an experience closer to a traditional payment method. Both users and developers can get a cheaper and more efficient on-chain experience. On top of the Arweave and everPay protocols, we created the Permaswap Network to provide DeFi users faster transactions, lower costs, and a better overall user experience.