Our NFTX Vault; an intro

The Vault is an NFTX-hosted vault that allows you to deposit your Pixlton NFTs in return for the PIXLS token. This token is tradeable on SushiSwap for Ethereum. The Vault tracks the floor value of Pixlton, which allows people who are looking to sell their Pixltonians to always be able to sell at floor price into The Vault. Because other NFT collectors can also buy from The Vault, this creates a liquidity pool that is always able to give you the floor value for your Pixltonians right then and there as opposed to listing them on OpenSea and having to wait for a buyer.

You can find our Vault here: https://nftx.io/vault/0xf8eb56c7e4e3c885c905a19583bf41644d35aa0a/info/

Buying Pixltonians from The Vault

To buy Pixltonians from The Vault you will first need some ETH. After visiting our Vault using the URL above you can pick any Pixltonian you’d like to have. Buying from The Vault also incurs a slight fee. There are two ways you can buy from The Vault: — Random redeem (1% fee, NFTX decides at random which Pixl you will get) — Targeted redeem (5% fee, You decide which Pixltonian you want at a slight premium)

If you want to do a random redeem, you can hit the “Redeem” in the dialog on the right side of the screen and indicate how many Pixltonians you want to buy. By subsequently hitting “Redeem” you will broadcast the transaction to the blockchain and once approved you will be the proud owner of a random Pixltonian. Randomly redeeming requires PIXLS token, which can be bought on Sushiswap using the dialog presented to you when redeeming.

If you want to do a targeted buy, simply click the Pixltonian you want to buy, click it so it becomes selected, and click “Buy Now”.

Selling your Pixltonians into the Vault

To sell your Pixltonians into The Vault, you will need to go to the “Sell” tab. Choose one or more Pixlton NFTs and choose the “Sell Now” option. You may need to approve your Pixltonian for spending first. The dialog on the right will tell you how many ETH you will receive when selling into the vault. After hitting “Approve” in your Metamask, the transaction will be broadcasted and once it’s approved on the blockchain your Pixltonian will be sold into The Vault. This means they are no longer yours and others can start to buy them from The Vault.

Staking your Pixltonians

Alternatively, you can also stake NFTX’s PIXLS token for rewards. When looking at the Vault choose the “Stake” tab to immediately stake your Pixltonians into the pool. By staking them you get rewarded in PIXLS token, which will allow you to redeem Pixlton NFTs from The Vault. Staking does NOT incur a fee as it supports the ecosystem around The Vault. Staking your Pixltonians DOES mean that you’re essentially selling it off in favor of the PIXLS token. Others will be able to buy your staked Pixlton NFTs.

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