June 13th, 2022

GM Pixltonians! As anyone with a pair of eyes has probably seen, the overall state of the market has been… challenging. NFTs have gone down across the board in unison with the overall crypto market. However, here at Pixlton HQ, things are being built out steadily. While the market's down is the best time to build after all. Let's take a look at some of the things we've been working on recently.

Pixlton Peeps

You’ve probably seen samples of our 3D voxelized Pixltonians by now. They’re coming soon as a free claim for all of our Genesis Pixlton holders. When released you will be able to also download an asset pack for each of the Peeps you hold. This asset pack contains a handful of different renders of your Peep and the 3D model in a GLTF format. This allows you to take your Peep and use it in a variety of ways. Some examples include making a 3D print of it (e.g. through Shapeways), rigging it and including it in a 3D environment of your choosing, and so much more.

We also can’t wait for these to finally hit the streets of our Sandbox experience and run around in Pixlton, but we’ll touch upon that in a bit.

June 9th, 2022

Our original project has always hugged that fine line between an avatar project and a PFP project. Due to their square size, they fit just fine as a PFP, but being full body makes them less than optimal for that. In the past, we’ve released our “now suited for avatar” variations of all of our Pixltonians but that was still kind of limited to what we had created. To finally scratch that PFP itch, we’re now releasing the Pixlton Identity Creator (PIC)!

What is it?

The PIC is a new tool on our website that allows you to connect to your wallet and create custom banners and avatars out of your Pixltonians. Simply drag one or more of your favorite citizens onto the canvas, select a background, and export the image. We currently support:

  • Avatar format (square 1:1)
  • Banner format (landscape 3:1)
June 9th, 2022

The Vault is an NFTX-hosted vault that allows you to deposit your Pixlton NFTs in return for the PIXLS token. This token is tradeable on SushiSwap for Ethereum. The Vault tracks the floor value of Pixlton, which allows people who are looking to sell their Pixltonians to always be able to sell at floor price into The Vault. Because other NFT collectors can also buy from The Vault, this creates a liquidity pool that is always able to give you the floor value for your Pixltonians right then and there as opposed to listing them on OpenSea and having to wait for a buyer.

You can find our Vault here: https://nftx.io/vault/0xf8eb56c7e4e3c885c905a19583bf41644d35aa0a/info/

Buying Pixltonians from The Vault

To buy Pixltonians from The Vault you will first need some ETH. After visiting our Vault using the URL above you can pick any Pixltonian you’d like to have. Buying from The Vault also incurs a slight fee. There are two ways you can buy from The Vault: — Random redeem (1% fee, NFTX decides at random which Pixl you will get) — Targeted redeem (5% fee, You decide which Pixltonian you want at a slight premium)