Pixlton and the state of things...

GM Pixltonians! As anyone with a pair of eyes has probably seen, the overall state of the market has been… challenging. NFTs have gone down across the board in unison with the overall crypto market. However, here at Pixlton HQ, things are being built out steadily. While the market's down is the best time to build after all. Let's take a look at some of the things we've been working on recently.

Pixlton Peeps

You’ve probably seen samples of our 3D voxelized Pixltonians by now. They’re coming soon as a free claim for all of our Genesis Pixlton holders. When released you will be able to also download an asset pack for each of the Peeps you hold. This asset pack contains a handful of different renders of your Peep and the 3D model in a GLTF format. This allows you to take your Peep and use it in a variety of ways. Some examples include making a 3D print of it (e.g. through Shapeways), rigging it and including it in a 3D environment of your choosing, and so much more.

We also can’t wait for these to finally hit the streets of our Sandbox experience and run around in Pixlton, but we’ll touch upon that in a bit.

A zombs looking set to make his appearance in a Sandbox near you soon!
A zombs looking set to make his appearance in a Sandbox near you soon!

New website

To celebrate the release of Pixlton Peeps, we are also giving our website a well-deserved facelift. We’ve been around for well over a year now and while our visual identity hasn’t been a big priority, we feel that we would like to cement that a bit more moving forward. You’ve already seen hints of it during the Birthday Celebration, but we are now applying it to our website. Much of the behind-the-scenes web3 plumbing has also been improved; allowing for new ways to connect your wallet being the most noticeable one.

Other improvements were made in the wallet area, along with support for downloading the 3D assets for your Peeps when they’re released. Lastly, the explorer has seen some improvements e.g. when it comes to getting a Pixltonian's sales history.

Design refresh anyone?
Design refresh anyone?

Sandbox Experiences

We’ve partnered with the lovely folks over at Clever Whatever to help us build out our Sandbox experience, starting with the Community Hub. They are a Sandbox official vendor knowing all the ins and outs of what it can do now and in the future. Bringing the town of Pixlton and all its quirks to life is something we’re looking forward to doing together! Our shared dark humor and quirks will definitely shine through there. They’ve been hard at work optimizing the assets we had already created and creating new ones. Sneak peeks of which will surely be coming your way.



The guys over at Turf are building a metaverse, unlike the ones you’ve seen so far. Turf is a casual ultraverse city with 5041 plots, each unique in its own way. Each plot has a unique coordinate as well as a property type. Coordinates are used to place the plot on the Turf Map. Each plot can be visited and serves as a hub for like-minded people to gather. Pixlton owns a bar plot that you may have seen us convert into a Sandbox asset in the past. Turf is now opening up its world for custom avatars, and Pixlton is being integrated as we speak! Soon you’ll be able to hang around our bar with your favorite Pixltonian!

With integration into Turf you will now be able to use your Pixltonians across the following metaverses:

  • The Sandbox
  • Worldwide WEBB
  • Tollan Worlds
  • Turf
  • 2 more as of yet unnamed ones… 👀

Stay tuned for more updates! See you around in Pixlton!

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