The design concept of PLUR Genesis NFT
June 29th, 2022

As we say in what is PLUR, PLUR is the next-gen social networking built on web3. Artists did a lot of thinking and exploring how to present the values of Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect in the NFT design.

We first thought of PFP, the most popular type of NFT. Most PFP NFTs have a fixed image design, with animals or comic characters being the most popular. Diverse cultures and values are challenging to visualize in one image. If NFT were to be made into a PFP, people would focus on the expression of this image and downplay or ignore the PLUR culture. Therefore, PFP is a limitation.

We also considered designing NFT as a membership card, which would significantly reduce the artist's workload. But a cold membership card wouldn't reflect the diversity of PLUR culture.

Peace / No War © PLUR
Peace / No War © PLUR

After some design attempts, the team settled on a solution: design the PLUR Genesis NFT as a banner for expression on social networks and social media (such as Twitter), paired with your favorite PFP NFTs. It's the best way to showcase your style and spread PLUR culture.

Also, the larger layout allows more space for artists to express PLUR culture: there will be nearly 200 unique traits, 100% hand-painted.

That's what we think about NFT's design, and I hope you like it. We will continue to update the artworks in the #sneak-peeks channel and Twitter.

Feel free to set it as the banner on your Twitter profile.

就像我們在上一篇文章中所說, PLUR 是基於 web3 構建的下一代社交網絡。如何在 NFT 設計上呈現 Peace, Love, Unity 和 Respect 的價值觀,藝術家們做了很多思考和探索。

我們首先想到的是 PFP,這是時下最熱門的 NFT 類型。大部分 PFP NFT 都有固定的形象設計,其中動物或漫畫人物最流行。PLUR 所包含的多元文化和價值觀,很難被具象化呈現為某一種形象。如果要把 NFT 做成 PFP,人們會關註這個形象的神態,而淡化或忽略 PLUR 文化。從設計的角度,PFP 是一種限製。

我們也考慮過將 NFT 設計成會員卡,當然,這會大大減輕藝術家的工作量 。但冷冰冰的會員卡,也無法體現 PLUR 文化的多樣性。

Love / Letting go is freedom / The most beautiful music © PLUR
Love / Letting go is freedom / The most beautiful music © PLUR

在經歷一些設計嘗試後,團隊確定了方案:將 PLUR Genesis NFT 設計成為 banner,用於在社交網絡和社交媒體(如 twitter)上表達,與你喜歡的頭像 NFT 搭配。這既能彰顯個人風格,也能傳播 PLUR 文化。

而且,更大的版面也讓藝術家們有更多空間來表達 PLUR 文化:他們將創作近 200 個獨一無二的特性,100% 手繪。

以上就是我們關於 NFT 設計的思考,希望你喜歡。接下來,我們會通過 #sneak-peeks 頻道Twitter 持續更新藝術家們的作品。

如果你喜歡這些作品,歡迎你隨時將它設置成爲你的社交媒體 banner,一起傳播 PLUR 的文化和價值觀。

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