EPF - Update #2

Since my last update, I have worked on a few things & have explored a few paths for implementing the extension.

  1. I started setting up the Extension Repo, I will be using Preact for the extension due to its size and performance over React in restricted environments like chrome-extension.


    While setting the repo with crxjs.dev/vite-plugin I came across an issue in the library, I did raise a PR with the fix and it will be available in the next release. Untill the version is released we will be working with a beta release of the npm package. You can read more about the fix below


  2. I explored the challenges that we will face if we will be building the 4337 wallet over Metamask Snaps. I have documented them in the link below.


  3. I explored the Tally ho chrome extension, and how it stores private keys in a secure manner. I have documented my research at


  4. I along with Jayesh, finalised the user flow of the extension and the role of guardians in the default-specific wallet implementation. You can find both attached below.

User Flow
User Flow
Role of Guardians in various actions.
Role of Guardians in various actions.

The Figma file for the same can be found below

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