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plusminushalf.(eth/lens) πŸ¦‡πŸ”Š

Web3 and coffee enthusiast.
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EigenLayer - Why, What, How

In recent months, I have come across the term EigenLayer on multiple occasions. Though I had heard about it from various sources, I never quite comprehended its true potential. But, recently, a friend of mine brought up an interesting use case for EigenLayer - creating a decentralized trust system for their network. This sparked my curiosity, and I decided to dive deeper into the subject matter to truly understand the capabilities of EigenLayer.

EPF - Update #2

Since my last update, I have worked on a few things & have explored a few paths for implementing the extension.
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How to store private keys securely in local storage?

I recently started working on a chrome-extension wallet compatible with 4337, you can read more about it here. One of the challenges in creating a wallet is how to store private keys securely in the local storage of the browser.
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My mirror address stolen

Hey Everyone,