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Originally published on Apr 21, 2021:

tl;dr: the public participation part of our ceremony has finished, we provide verification details, stats and announce a random beacon


The public participation part of our ceremony is now complete! It ran for 22 days in total and had 5146 successful contributions to all circuits combined. We encourage you to head to this website to find your contribution files and instructions on how to verify them.


By some metrics our trusted setup was the largest ever conducted, we had 5147 contributions across the 16 circuits albeit “only” by 369 individuals. A total computation time of 190,5h (7days) went into the ceremony and the average participant spent 36 minutes. We also had quite number of failed contributions and therefore gave affected participants an additional week to do a second run.

The largest number of contributions came surprisingly before April 2nd where we posted it on twitter. Before that date we shared it in various Ethereum and ZKP telegram channels.

Random beacon

As a final step we are sealing the ceremony with a last contribution using a random number generated by Drand round 805765. This number will be generated close to Wed Apr 28 2021 10:00:00 GMT. After that time, you can find the number here.

See here the selection details uploaded to ipfs and here an Ethereum transaction that proves that we decided on the procedure before the random number is generated.

Note that according to this, a random beacon might not be strictly necessary. Nevertheless, we consider it best practice to do so.

Thanks and next steps

We are in the process of stress-testing Zkopru, building a wallet and explorer and hope to launch on Ethereum very soon.

Thanks to everonye who made this ceremony possible:Barry, Chance, Geoff, Kobi, Rachel, the Iden3 team, Thore, Wanseob, Wei Jie and the Ethereum community ❤


Find us on telegram and on twitter: @ZkopruNetwork.

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