Hidden Hare: Season 1

Greetings Metaversians!

We’re delighted to report to you that our first Hidden Hare session went off without a hitch! Over a dozen different artists got together for an all-day recording session to lay the groundwork for our first bundle of NFTs to be released on the Summer Solstice! We’re busy mixing and mastering the songs and adding a few overdubs here and there. We’re also reaching out to visual artists to contribute album artwork and working with Sapien Nation to build our own decentralized social media platform connected with our digital art gallery, website and shared vault. Buyers of our NFTs are granted free access to all of our private, ticketed events at Rabbit Hole Studios in Athens, GA and access to our exclusive digital art gallery and Discord channel where we post special content.

Stay tuned as we continue to build our first release! Our next steps are minting the multi-signature DAO and treasury and then minting our first NFTs on Zora while we wait for the Sapien team to finish building out their NFT features. In the meantime, members who attended the recording session are invited to sit in on the mixing and mastering sessions! We will post an invite in our announcements channel of the Discord when our engineers are available. Mark your calendars for June 17th and 18th for our first inaugural Bunneroo Festival! If you buy the NFT album in the week prior to the festival, we’ll get you free lifetime entry. We’re busy building but thank you all for your patience as we navigate the complex road ahead and learn more about the future social layer of a liberated humanity, the Blockchain. We’ll see you at the Citadel!

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