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The Knight Who Says NiNi

The Knight Who Says NiNi

Community builder, blockchain advocate, musician and writer. www.rabbitholestudios.org
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Rabbit Hole Studios DAC - Vision & Roadmap, Revamped

We're transitioning to a member-owned co-op, adopting agile sociocratic governance methods and revealing our new sweat equity token system!
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A Call For Partnerships!

Hello world! It’s your fellow knight of the round table and founder, back again with updates and requests. I’m here today to talk about the values Rabbit Hole Studios was founded on and the future roadmap we’re dreaming up. We’re also inviting you, potential investors and community partners, to chip in and help us perfect this vision!
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How COVID Transformed An Artist Collective From Athens, GA

First, allow me to introduce myself, your oft-censored author, thought-crime felon, and founder of Rabbit Hole Studios - a music and arts community center and co-working space dedicated to being a nexus of art, creative freedom and collaborative fellowship in Athens, GA. As an artist who once dreamt of living on the road like Tom Petty, I needed a practice space where my neighbors wouldn’t call the police on us for noise violations. And so it began, the grand opening of our first rehearsal space, PA rental company and recording studio in 2018 that has since blossomed into the sprawling urban co-op that it is today. The first thing you should know about how this underground art space come to be is through the transformational experiences of rebellion, persecution and exile I have faced for over a decade. Surely I have suffered less than many other unfortunate people on the Earth and therefor need not your pity. I merely wish to guide you on the journey that led me to where I am today with some of the trials and tribulations along the way.

Hidden Hare Records: Season 1 Release & Mobile App Reveal

Hello friends and fellows of the Rabbit Hole!

Hidden Hare: Season 1

Greetings Metaversians!

The Hidden Hare: A Community-Owned NFT Record Label, Digital Art Gallery and VR Experience Portal

Wow, Much Greet!
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RabbitHoleStudiosDAO: Laying the Cornerstone

Meet the artist collective and community center rising up from the fertile frontiers of the Web 3.0 Metaverse. Calling all Artists and Architects. Join Us!