Hidden Hare Records: Season 1 Release & Mobile App Reveal

Hello friends and fellows of the Rabbit Hole!

We've got some major updates and improvements coming your way!

The first big update is that we released our private art gallery vault and a big batch of songs from our Hidden Hare Record Label. Hear a sample and buy an NFT key to view the entire collection on our website HERE.

We are also migrating our membership and billing system into a single integrated solution that offers a mobile app called Nexudus Passport. It's like Discord meets Facebook, meets Google Calendar, meets Eventbright, meets Wiki, meets Innago (our current billing and contract system) meets Square Appointments and so much more. **So without further ado, please check out the new online membership portal here!:<https://rabbitholestudios.org/membership/ \](https://rabbitholestudios.org/membership/)**(Backup link is here if our main website is ever down. Learn more & download the mobile app here)

We now have two types of membership. The first type are the Community Sponsorship Plans and are intended for our members that don't need 24/7 access to the space but want to attend and support all of our charitable community events, education and outreach as well as gain access to our unpublished events, exclusive art galleries, members-only newsletters and private chatrooms. Think of it like a monthly sliding scale donation that goes towards rewarding event coordinators and ensuring the event space remains available and sustainable long-term. Currently we are losing a lot of capital offering the free events, but we're not in it for the riches. We're in it for the glory and the community and the beauty that our togetherness brings to this life. We're grateful for any and all supporters who want to pitch in and help us cover our costs! If you like what we're up to and want to support the mental/social/spiritual fortitude of local artists and sponsor community events, please share this with your friends and family!

The second type are the Coworking Membership Plans. This gets you 24/7 access to the Grand Hall and various other spaces and amenities. I've put together a spreadsheet to see all the differences and add-ons to compare.
Membership Plans Comparison:
 We look forward to serving you!

Some short updates on our progress thus far: We have continually invested in the space and added countless amenities since we first moved in and haven't raised any of our prices thus far, but unfortunately due to unprecedented inflation (an increase in the cost of goods and services), a pending refinance, labor scarcity, and the need to save up capital for expensive renovations implores us to find ways to create a more sustainable business model, one that is more granular and more fair for everyone. We remain one of the most affordable coworking space in Georgia and quite possibly the nation.

What do your contributions go toward? We have nearly a million dollars worth of assets that we share collectively and most of our event space calendar is devoted to non-profit community events, led by my dear friends and volunteer event coordinators Victoria Austin, Sean T Conlon, Jasey Jones, Miles Bunch, John Harper and so many others. To our beloved members and business partners - We are so grateful for all your contributions to the space and your continued contributions to bring joy and harmony to this temple of art! It takes both sweat equity and financial equity to make dreams like this a reality and we simply would not be here were it not for all of us chipping in and donating their time and energy to offer a safe, fun and inspiring space for the creative class. I hope this new membership system will be more inclusive to people with different needs and help to maintain our amenities.

Every day I think to myself, "WOW", this space is something deeply unique, awe-inspiring and beautiful that we are co-creating together. We are truly living the dream here and we look forward to the possibility of expanding this concept all over the nation in an organic and equitable way. We aim to accomplish this through a unique DAO-governed Co-Op franchise model currently under development, inspired by other models like EmpireDAO and CityDAO. What differentiates us is our focus on charity and non-profit events, co-creation, recreation and educational activities via our non-profit, decentralized artist coalition, private art digital gallery and record label we call the Hidden Hare.

This new membership system is intended to allow for cheaper access to those who don't need all the add-on amenities while also funding the on-going growth and maintenance of our existing assets/amenities for those that do enjoy all the extra perks. If you're already a member/donor on our old website, you still gain access to the private chat sign and all our events but we invite you to cancel that subscription and sign up to our new mobile app for a better user experience and easier integrations with our space, booking and door access! new contracts with amended sections regarding our policies, conflict resolution and governance procedures. This app allows for one simple, user-customizable invoice you can pay each month by card or ACH autodraft.

A few other additions to our toolset: We now have hourly passes (with new smartlocks coming soon!) and a referral rewards system. There should be a way for you to send a referral link to someone through the app. If they book coworking/office space or rental equipment with us, you get 50% off any of our services, amenities, rentals or plans (1 month)! Let me know if you have trouble finding the referral link or receiving the discount code after they sign up to be a coworking space member. We also now have all of our community documents and important policies, forms, procedures, a member directory (opt-in), tasklist, etc, all listed under the "Community" menu page. Assets and rental spaces can also be booked by the hour under the "Booking" menu page.

Stay tuned as we add articles, newsletters, FAQs and a message board! Another change is that I am now asking for a 2-month notice if you wish to vacate in order to receive your full security deposit back. I'm flexible on this but I'm asking sincerely so we have more time to find replacements when people choose to vacate quickly. This does not apply if you are able to find your own replacement, in which case no notice is required to sublet (just an interview with the new prospective tenant is required for approval). One final update! We have a new shower in the works, thanks to Sean's generous labor! The add-on fee will help cover it's on-going upgrades and maintainance and regular cleaning.

Ok, so that's a lot to digest. But do not fret! I am here by phone (706-340-9184) or email (whiterabbitproductionsllc@gmail.com) anytime for questions, comments, concerns, etc. There are likely to be errors and snags along the way. Hang in there as we navigate this arduous transition I've spent countless hours tweaking. I think it will kickstart some new life into the scene and add a little more structure, ease-of-use, connectivity and clear policy frameworks to our community model. Please let me know how the signup process goes and thanks to all our sponsors and coworker for supporting this labor of love! I could die to tomorrow and be happy with what we've built. A magnum opus for the ages... And the show has only just begun!

To each and every one of you who follows the white rabbit, thanks again for all your myriad contributions to the space! I look forward to a lifetime of collaboration, co-creation and service to you all. Yours truly,Nicholas Bradfield,Owner & Operator, Rabbit Hole Studios PS. I'd like to officially nominate the following individuals for a seat on our Board of Directors. It's currently an unpaid position designed for emergency/crisis/conflict situations but someday we hope to reward you with a stipend and potential future equity / full-time employment in the company if we find investors to help franchise the model. The following members are invited but not obligated to attend our weekly meeting to discuss business matters on Mondays from 3-5pm followed by the Business Guild meet-up to discuss collaboration between us other entrepreneurs/creators/builders/movers/shakers. Food and drink provided. Drumroll please! The nominees are...

Nicholas Bradfield (Executive Director / CEO / CFO / Owner)
Victoria Austin (Secretary / Assistant Director)
Sean T Conley (Chairman, Events Coordinator)
Jasey Jones (Vice-Chairman, Events Coordinator)Alexandria Pettit (Events Coordinator)

Miles Bunch (Events Coordinator, Garden Leader)
Rebecca Zahn (Co-Owner)Freeman Leverett (Chai Walla / Meme Lord)Wesley Grantham (Toke Master / Keeper of the Bees) This body will also be formalized in my Will and Testament to help manage RHS in the event of my untimely (and highly unlikely!) passing or imprisonment for the many thought crimes I commit on a daily basis ;)

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