The Hidden Hare: A Community-Owned NFT Record Label, Digital Art Gallery and VR Experience Portal

Wow, Much Greet!

You are officially invited to the first of many NFT co-creation sessions at Rabbit Hole Studios! These recording sessions will occur every Full Moon (open to the public) as well as private sessions that take place 4 times a year with the intention to release a multidimensional album of NFTs every solstice and equinox. Our first private session will be held on Sunday April, 24th starting at noon. We will provide multiple recording studios set up with a staff of engineers, a full museum of our instruments from all over the world, donation based food and beverages, art supplies, mural surfaces, lighting equipment, and recreational assets. These events will be livestreamed in VR, recorded in high fidelity and released as NFT collectibles that can be used as tickets to future events (limited to a whitelist if attendance becomes too crowded in the future). Artists who are accepted may bring a +1. Not only is this a project to bring like minded-creative individuals together in the realverse, but a movement to educate artists on the possibilities that peer-to-peer blockchain networks and NFTs can offer disadvantaged artists.

The royalties resulting from sales, streaming and licensing will, at first, be decided by the founder of Rabbit Hole Studios with input and consultation from industry leaders and DAO members. In the future, we hope to democratize and automate this process of equity splits in a meritocratic way that allows for specialization - almost like a free market economy of sub-groups within the label, all collaborating and differentiating to find the most equitable and rewarding incentive structures. Our goal is to maximize individual sovereignty while also uplifting the collective as a whole and incentivizing collaboration over competition. Everyone involved in our recording sessions will also qualify for placement in our seasonal festivals to perform and display their new creations! We will also apply this same format to a yearly festival and NFT album to celebrate each year of co-creation together. This festival will be token-gated so that anyone who purchases the NFTs leading up to the yearly “Bunneroo” festival gets free VIP access to our private lounge and musical museum on festival days.*

‘What’s the financial arrangement?’:

The founder, Nick Bradfield, on behalf of White Rabbit Productions, LLC will receive a 10% commission (after all listing, distribution and platform fees) of all NFT sales (primary and secondary) and streaming royalties. Nick’s cut will be used to reimburse his expenses for financing this endeavor which includes: providing the studio space, art/music supplies and all the instruments/equipment needed to share with our artist members, while also providing food, beverages, and compensation to the engineering team for their work (tracking, mixing and mastering of songs alongside the administration of minting the NFTs and executing online distribution). The power over our multi-sig DAO treasury (currently being built with the help of Sapiens Network) will be given to token holders to vote on (eg. for marketing, coding, web development, new community assets, etc).

Artists who apply to contribute to the public Full Moon Jam Series will each receive a lifetime royalty share (after commissions and fees) equivalent to 1/x% where x = the total number of approved participants) from the income of the Full Moon Jam Series (to clarify, these royalty share calculations kick in after the initial 10% commission is given to White Rabbit Productions, LLC). Artists who apply for the Hidden Hare Private Sessions must be accepted by a quorum of the DAO members. Although it is left up to the Song Director to decide, we recommend this equation for the private sessions: 1/2x% where x = number of band members in the group for each song, multiplied by 2. So the backing bands split royalties (after the initial commission) 50/50 with the song director. Each artist will have the opportunity to direct a song session (or just simply sit-on on another person’s song) and choose their collaborators from the pool of approved artists. Additional details and fine print available on our website listed at the bottom of this article via the onboarding form.

The song director will be responsible for finding a visual artist to create the song’s cover art and work on it alongside the band during the recording process. The visual NFT will be released as a separate token with only a 20% commission going to the DAO treasury. The visual artist will decide how to split the remainder of royalties if they wish to share them with the band or other collaborators. Song directors will also be responsible for making similar arrangements with lyricists or poets if they are in need of lyrics. Collaboration is encouraged! The more the merrier. These financial arrangements will be codified and built into our DAO’s smart contract so that all income streams are automatically routed to each individual’s personal Ethereum wallet address according to the terms listed here (which we hope will be improved upon over time through democratic voting mechanisms).

By accepting our invitation and participating in this program, members relinquish all intellectual property rights over these NFTs to RabbitHoleStudiosDAO (to be governed collectively through on-chain voting) and consent to all terms and conditions listed here as well as those listed in our social club liability waiver (listed below). It will take time to build out our DAO infrastructure. Until we fully complete our DAO formation, the execution of these agreements will be handled by Nick. By signing our onboarding form you consent that these are not legally-binding agreements and you are choosing to trust in Nick for their faithful execution. Someday we hope an intermediary will on longer be necessary and everything will be fully automated and governed through an on-chain democratic process.

We hope to see this movement reach far and wide, creating a network that uplifts each sovereign individual by empowering them with blockchain technology and uniting artists everywhere in something that is larger than its parts.. If you want to join our DAO, participate in the recording sessions and receive royalties from our NFTs, please respond by email, sign the waiver and fill out our onboarding form. We also hold a weekly crypto meeting every Wednesday evening at 9pm, where we welcome anyone, on any experience level, to come chat about cryptocurrency, NFTs, and DAOs. If you know of any passionate artists that you think would be a great addition to our DAO, we would love for you to forward this invitation to them! If you have any questions please email back or give us a call.

Victoria Austin

Musician, Director of Operations and Communications


Nick Bradfield

Founder of Rabbit Hole Studios

Musician, Director of Blockchain Development and Audio Engineering



*Membership to Rabbit Hole Studios and attendance to our events or members-only areas can be revoked at any time if a quorum of members decides that our terms of use have been violated or if it is decided that a token-holder poses a threat to anyone’s safety at the event.*

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