A Call For Partnerships!

Hello world! It’s your fellow knight of the round table and founder, back again with updates and requests. I’m here today to talk about the values Rabbit Hole Studios was founded on and the future roadmap we’re dreaming up. We’re also inviting you, potential investors and community partners, to chip in and help us perfect this vision!

I've devoted my life to investing in a community center that is free and open to all - One that nurtures the creative class and improves the quality of life and culture of Athens. This temple of collaboration and creativity provides many of the things a church once did, but without any of the belief requirements or fundamentalist dogma. It's like a YMCA makerspace or coworking space like 'WeWork' but more focused on "WeCreate and WeSing and WePaint and WeDance and WeLearn and WePlay".

We offer many free participatory and educational events such as Community Garden / Sustainable Permaculture Workshops, Herbalism Workshops, Drum Circles, Open Jams and Open Mic Nights, Song Circles & Music Theory Workshops, "Hidden Hare" Recording and Educational Mixing Sessions (a'la Nuci's Space Camp Amped but for adults! I'm a proud alumni btw!), Meditation MeetUp, Yoga Retreats, Business Networking & Advisement Round Tables, Carnivals and Festivals. All of these events are donation-based except for the festivals due to the huge expense of labor, supplies, planning and insurance requirements - which is why we need your help!

But first let's talk about what you're helping us build here. We're building a parallel society - the libertine artist underground. Think of artist havens like us a decentralized republic of art collectives - a federation of social collectives often filled with the rejects, the oppressed, the rebels and the marginalized. We're a part of the "State of the Art" social revolution with autonomous, self-governing Network States that form a digital Republic founded on values like liberty and justice for all, human rights, self-sovereignty of the mind and body, autonomy, inclusivity and the proliferation of arts & crafts guilds, trade schools and other B-corp/non-profit organizations who labor together to uplift humanity, advocate for peace, prosperity and harmony amongst all beings. Our mission is to help our society shine with the beauty of creativity, solidarity and participatory collaboration. At the end of the day we're here to Love and to Create. That's it - The secret to a happy and sustainable life in community with our Beloveds. That's why I built RHS - to offer the most affordable and versatile means of cultivating health and happiness and beauty in a free and open society.

We aren’t alone. We’re joining a vast network of similar member-owned co-operatives and DAOs like CityDAO, one of the first to organize a group of strangers using magical internet money to own and govern land on the Ethereum blockchain, starting in Wyoming. Then there’s Satoshi Island, a renewably-powered, sustainable blockchain-based smart city. How about CoHere or KiftDAO, both networks of co-living and co-working spaces for self-employed, remote-work nomads - a model and a vision not too different than our own. Have you caught my drift? We’re apart of a new social phenomenon and business model for shared land ownership made possible by decentralized, peer-to-peer networks and the new wave of working class nomads who need access to workspace and community that align with their values.

So that brings me to my next point. We believe we are uniquely positioned to capitalize on this latent, unmet demand for community workspace by expanding our brand into other markets and developing a network similar to the ones described above. But we need help getting there. We have access to a large cash-out when we refinance our property but we are actively looking for business partners and franchisees to help us grow faster than a turtle’s pace - more like hare speed, if you will - by developing satellite Rabbit Holes across the southeast and, someday, throughout the Americas and the World.

I am currently in talks with investors to partner up on properties we are looking at in Atlanta, Asheville, Chattanooga and Jacksonville but we are also open to other markets if there is investor interest or we see a good deal pop up! Specifically, we are seeking mission-aligned partners who can help us franchise our coworking/co-creating space business model and convert some portion of our activities into a non-profit or certified B-corp Public Benefit Company. If you are interested in learning more or want to get the ball rolling, please setup an in-person or virtual meeting with me here! There are various ways we'd like to collaborate with other community leaders and investors - Perhaps you own a food/bev business and want to open a new location within the next Rabbit Hole - Perhaps you're skilled with legal matters, franchising/scaling, business management/structuring, financing/accounting, non-profit management, etc - Perhaps you simply love what we're doing and want to be an advisor on our board of directors and an honorary lifetime member to our facilities. Help us revive the American dream and provide the physical infrastructure for the Collaborative Commons combining elements of coworking, coliving, co-learning and co-creating!

It takes a village to build big and beautiful works of living art like this. So please, even if you can't afford to donate, come to the event and get to know us or simply spread the word so we can find a sustainable revenue stream from products, services, and memberships to keep us afloat. We need your help more than ever in this difficult time for artists and freelancers as cost of living and housing has skyrocketed in recent years. There wouldn't be an art or beauty or happiness in society if all we did was work and struggle - we need a place like RHS to give people the space to let their freak flag fly and network with like minds - after all, our network is our net worth.

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