Goodbye v0, hello v1 💫

London Oct. 21st, 2022 – 6 months after founding Rated Labs and a month after announcing our seed round, we’re annoucing the sunsetting of v0 and the roll-out of Rated v1 🎉🎉🎉

What we call v1, is a series of updates to the Rated suite of products that will be hitting the interwebs over the coming several weeks! The first release as part of the v1 bundle hits hard, and includes (i) a shiny fresh brand look and logo, (ii) a brand new home page, (iii) a totally new skin and very soon enhanced functionality on the network operator explorer, (iv) a series of updates in our documentation and (v) the launch of the Rated forum.

Let’s dive in each of those one-by-one.

Starting out, as with every major release, v1 feels like a coming of age moment and we wanted to mark that off with a new logo that will carry us far into the fututre.

The new Rated logo
The new Rated logo

Still categorically a candy (we like the candies), but also captures so much more than “just a candy”. The candy is also a block; it’s also clearly a block that’s described by a bunch of…data! But perhaps most importantly, the new Rated logo is a nod to there being more than two dimensions in data, which we think is an apt metaphor for the work that we do and the “how’s” that underlie it.

We hope you like it as much as we do!

New home page

Six months after fully commiting to this journey, we feel we have a story to tell and that we need a place to chronicle it. The new home page is where this happens.

The new Rated home page
The new Rated home page

On it, you will find information about who we are, why we’re here, and how we add value to those around us through our product suite. This is also the hub from which you can navigate to all that is the product surface of Rated today.

New network explorer

The piece that I am perhaps personally most excited about, is the new network explorer! This is the window to Ethereum’s infrastructure set, a place that now secures hundreds of billions of dollar value, in stake and transaction volumes.

The new Rated network explorer
The new Rated network explorer

The new explorer comes out the box with all the features of v0 and what we think is a much improved information architecture. Browse around and see for yourself! As the new sidebar hints, there are a lot more features coming live in the weeks to come, some of which you might be able to guess from glimpses we’ve exposed from our staging environment.

Updated documentation

With post-Merge Ethereum already in its second month, things have changed drastically. Ethereum validator operators are now not only responsible for securely processing all the transaction value that moves on the Execution Layer, but they are also faced with a menu of configuration options that ramp up the complexity of the endeavour several notches. We have introduced a series of updates in our documentation to reflect the realities of this brave new world.

The updated Rated documentation hub
The updated Rated documentation hub

There are various new metrics that we are exposing and changes that we think are necessary in the existing methodologies, in order to more accurately reflect the evolving state of Ethereum’s infrastructure set, post-Merge. While these are all captured our the documentation, not all are set in stone; we first want to hear from those that are most relevant to the issues at hand!

New forum

In order to facilitate the conversation around our methodologies among operators, developers and researchers, and ultimately vanquish the subjectivity demon, we are launching the Rated forum.

The new Rated forum
The new Rated forum

Over the past few months we have had a series of productive conversations take place in our Discord. We think that the most important of those conversations need to be easily indexable and better organized, so that they are easy to reference and build upon. The forum is the venue for this. Starting next week, we’ll start publishing issues relating to the methodologies we are looking to implement (e.g. calculating MEV to validator, effectiveness rating v1) and invite the community to participate.

Looking ahead

The five pieces that mark the roll-out of v1 we are shipping today are just the beginning. In the coming weeks we’re looking towards a busy shipping schedule, with several new screens on the explorer and new API endpoints and documentation to go along. We view these releases as important building blocks in helping further our mission to promote transparency, good standards and improve the foundation of Ethereum and Web3.

Come join us!

About Rated

Rated was founded in 2022, by Elias Simos and Aris Koliopoulos. Elias was previously a Protocol Specialist at Coinbase (via the Bison Trails acquisition), while Aris spent the last 5 years building out social media and content platforms for tens of millions of users at Drivetribe.

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