MatchNova: A Revolutionary Match-3 Game

1. Introduction

MatchNova is a match-3 game based on the Binance Smart Chain, a classic and mature Web2 game product that has always captured players' hearts with its simple and fun gameplay. MatchNova simplifies the game login process by requiring only an email login. For the convenience of players, the game has built-in wallets and an NFT market, making it easy for Web2 users to get started.

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2. What is MatchNova?

MatchNova is a social gaming app based on Web3, with the core of the game being a PvP match-3 game. Players can participate in battles for free to win small amounts of game tokens or equip character NFTs to obtain more stable and substantial income.

MatchNova is developed by Supernova Lab Limited, a team of more than 30 members from around the world with extensive backgrounds in blockchain, artificial intelligence, and gaming. Founder and CEO Nicky Jin graduated from University College London and was previously a director at Ourgame, a company with a total revenue of $125 million. His development team has 10 years of experience in developing Web2 games and has created 5 match-3 games and 4 slot machine games, with total revenue exceeding $100 million. CMO Raymond Wu is a co-founder of FOMO Dog Club and specializes in adding fun elements to social games.

Regarding financing, MatchNova has completed a seed round financing of $1 million, led by Aipollo Investment, with participation from LinkVC, Ace Direct International, and others.

As for the current development status, MatchNova began closed testing in April 2023 and set up a $10,000 bonus pool to reward early supporters. The genesis NFT Mint was priced at 0.2 BNB on April 22 and sold out within 30 seconds, with the current floor price at 0.65 BNB. The game token MCC has remained stable at 0.2 USDT, and the governance token WCC has yet to be launched. The product is still in the testing phase, and Android users can download it from the official website or Google Play. iOS users need to submit their email address and receive an invitation link from MatchNova to experience it on TestFlight.

3. Tokenomics Overview

MatchNova adopts a dual-currency model, including MCC (MatchNova Champion Coin) and WCC (Web3 Casual Coin).

MCC is the utility token for MatchNova and the supply is unlimited.
Contract Address : 0xD18a65De8Dd028139F088cbd87cDd7fd196c00D7

MCC can be earned from:
a) Play PvP match3 games
b) Rewards in Battle game
c) Open up a Loot Box

MCC can be burnt by:
a) NFT character’s level up/recover/enhance/customization/mint
b) Treasure Hunt
c) Open up a Loot Box
d) Gem Upgrade
e) Unlock Gem sockets
f) Display fee in Gallery
g) Service fee in Battle field set up
h) Lucky spin’s EV gain
i) Service fee for withdrawal
j) Extra time charge in the gameplay
k) Paid emoji in the gameplay
l) Gifting fee

WCC is the governance token for MatchNova.
Fixed supply: 200 million.

4. How to Play?


Each game in PvP mode will consume 1 point of energy, and each match consists of 4-5 rounds of games, with each player making two moves per round. Players need to match at least 3 chess pieces of the same color to score points, and eliminating a piece will give them 1 point. At the end of the final round, the player with the highest score will be declared the winner. The PvP map and opponent are randomly determined and matched. After the match, players will receive MCC as a reward, and the amount of the reward depends on two factors: the match result and the efficiency attributes of NFT.

1)Surrendering is possible at any time during the game after the first round, but the player will be eliminated from the match.
2)Overtime: Each player has a time limit for each round and must take action before the time bar is empty. However, players can choose to burn MCC to get an extra 15 seconds of time.
3)Ultimate: Each NFT character has its unique skill, and when the Ultimate bar in the game is 100%, the player can use their character's Ultimate.
4)Tricks/Skills: Various small tricks, such as "reshuffling" and "removing a chess piece," are randomly provided to each player at the beginning of the game. The system can also airdrop tricks during the game based on a player's NFT lucky attribute points.
5)Extra Moves: If a player eliminates 4 or more chess pieces of the same color at once, they will receive an additional bonus in that round.

There are 10,000 Genesis NFTs in the game, and except for the founding NFT, all other NFTs are minted by players. NFT characters generate energy every day, and equipping an NFT character is a necessary condition to enter the game, except in free mode.

NFT Skills:
Merlin: Randomly eliminates a row of pieces.
Milo: Randomly eliminates 5 pieces.
Leo: Randomly turns 6 pieces into the same color.
Dexter: Randomly eliminates 5 pieces that form a cross shape.

NFT Attributes:

1)Efficiency: It affects the base MCC reward.
2)Luck: It affects the chance and grade of loot box drops after a game is finished. It also affects the chance of receiving an airdrop of tricks during gameplay.
3)Stamina: A higher point will lead to lower stamina lost after a game is finished. Note that stamina will be lost after every game, depending on your NFT's Stamina attribute points and the total action time used in the game. A higher stamina attribute will result in less loss of stamina after each game.
4)Intelligence: A higher intelligence will lead to a faster rate of charging the ultimate bar, which leads to more frequent use of the ultimate.
5)Mystery: Magic events may happen with this attribute.

5. How to earn $MCC ?

1)PvP to Earn
The rewards for NFT character holders are substantial, and even free players have the opportunity to earn a small amount of MCC.

2)Battle to Earn
Battle function allows users to play versus another specific user without costing any energy, vitality and stamina; however, Loot box won’t drop in this format.

The only mandatary requirement to use Battle function is to own at least one NFT.
The NFT participate in Battle won't be affected by the Vitality system.

Users who wish to start a Battle must create a battlefield and set the following parameters:
Map---Random or Specific
Ultimate mode---Random or each NFT's own

Battle level:

Service fee can be paid by several different modes: paid by creator, shared equally between two players, or paid by the winner.

3)Invite to Earn**
Users who enter an invitation code will receive 30 MCC. These MCC will be released in increments of 10 MCC after each 10 Normal PvP Game, until a total of 30 games have been completed.
Simply own at least one NFT to be eligible to become an Inviter. Once a user owns an NFT, a unique Invitation code will be generated for this account. A new user must use the invitation code upon account registration to be identified as an invite.

The invitation code for Real Player DAO is II0LQ2
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