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Real Player DAO (RPD)

Real Player DAO (RPD)

Entrance of Metaverse; Web 3.0 Guild; the first task platform of Gamefi.
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刚需类应用呢或许是 gamefi 破局之路

对于 GameFi Summer,我们一直在等待。

Secret Mission Accomplished! 20k Users in 2 Months!

Despite the bearish market conditions, Real Player DAO has remained focused on its mission and has successfully completed a secret mission.
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RPD:African Campus Ambassador Recruitment

Brief:The Real Player DAO has launched an African campus ambassador recruiting campaign to help promote blockchain technology across the African continent.

MatchNova: A Revolutionary Match-3 Game

MatchNova is a match-3 game based on the Binance Smart Chain, a classic and mature Web2 game product that has always captured players' hearts with its simple and fun gameplay. MatchNova simplifies the game login process by requiring only an email login. For the convenience of players, the game has built-in wallets and an NFT market, making it easy for Web2 users to get started.
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1.经典漫画IP改编:CAPTAIN TSUBASA -RIVALS-是一款基于知名漫画《足球小将》开发的区块链游戏。 《足球小将》是高桥洋一创作的足球漫画系列,于 1981 年在出版商集英社的漫画选集《周刊少年 Jump》上开始连载,对日本足球迷产生了深远的影响。 至2019年为止,集英社的《Grand Jump》半月刊连载《足球小将》,2020年开始刊登在《Grand Jump》的增刊杂志上。 《足球小将》的书籍和简装书在日本的销量已超过7000万册。 它在全球广受欢迎,已被翻译成 20 个国家,并在许多国家出版。相信在国内也有很多“大空翼”的粉丝吧。
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大家好,我是Real Player DAO(RPD)公会的Jay。 在今年1月正式创办RPD之前,我曾在某区块链媒体工作过,负责其海外市场业务。在整个工作过程中,我深刻发现,如果说国外项目在国内落地还相对轻松的话,国内项目出海是一个很大的难题。
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New roadmap(1): go beyond gamefi guild by SBT

In a bear market, guilds must outperform their peers in order to exist; SBT is the solution.
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RPD Research: What can Gamefi learn from traditional games' payment models

Writen by yuyang,Researcher @ RPD, twitter:@aptx4869yuyang Edited and proofed by Professor Cao, twitter: @charlie\_cao