Secret Mission Accomplished! 20k Users in 2 Months!

Despite the bearish market conditions, Real Player DAO has remained focused on its mission and has successfully completed a secret mission.

I want to formally introduce COCO Wallet, a revolutionary keyless wallet launched in Africa. The name was inspired by my deep affinity for coconuts. COCO Wallet is an all-in-one platform that allows users to explore the world of blockchain and GameFi conveniently, especially for newcomers.

COCO Wallet is designed to offer a plethora of functions, including transfers, quiz, task aggregation, P2P (OTC) trading, broadcasting, token swap, and launchpad.

In May, Real Player DAO released the beta version of COCO Wallet, with a primary focus on quiz and education. Through an active marketing strategy, we aim to promote widespread adoption of blockchain technology among the younger generation. Additionally, Real Player DAO has successfully recruited over 30+ campus ambassadors from over 20 colleges in Nigeria.

Following an extensive two-month testing phase, we are thrilled to announce an extraordinary outcome: 20,000 real users within just 2 months. The submission of thousands of photos has provided us with immense joy, witnessing the smiles and progress of our users.

Blockchain is undeniably the future, and the future of blockchain is in Africa.

Throughout the beta testing phase, we have received invaluable feedback and suggestions from our users, for which we are immensely grateful. Our team is meticulously evaluating this feedback, addressing any issues, and working diligently to enhance COCO Wallet accordingly.

The forthcoming version of COCO Wallet promises improved user interfaces, additional features, and a few surprises. We eagerly invite you to stay tuned for these exciting updates.

Together, let us embrace COCO Wallet and share the same smiles emanating from Africa.

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