Welp.. This year was insane.

To set the tone, last December I released a song called top of the year.

I described the details of what I’d accomplished that quarter, and foreshadowed much of what came in the months to follow.

This song is more boisterous than I normally come across, but it does a great job at showing you how far in advance I usually plan.

Great things take time to mold, and often small ideas (like a folder full of songs) require large amounts of care and preparation in order to be properly serviced.

Today, I’m proud to announce the launch of Criteria - An EP as large as an album, alongside Daniel Allan.

What Is Criteria

Criteria is a body of work Dan and I have worked on together for close to a year.

It features 2500 editions with activations across Sound, Bonfire, OnCyber, Spinamp and Arpeggi as we demonstrate what collaboration can actually look like for a true web3 rollout.

The EP opens unapologetically and in your face, and smoothly transitions to moments of depth and self discovery. Dan and I often go back and forth feeding off one another's energy throughout Criteria, with the goal of flawlessly blending a mix of both our sonic worlds.

In the end we are left at the intersection of where hip hop meets electronic music.

Last year I was put on to Daniel’s music by friends, and was reintroduced after he announced his crowdfund for Overstimulated.

At the time I was just starting to navigate in the space, so I was stoked when he hit me up to work. Covid restrictions were loosening at this point and I was dying to work on something in person, so I invited him out to the condo I had in Palm Springs.

After a day of music, good food, and shitty drinks I knew we were gonna go on to be great friends.

Since then we’ve been fortunate to have earned 181 ETH through primary sales and 224 ETH in gross secondary sales.

Web3 Switzerland

Collaboration has been a staple in my career, and throughout my journey as an artist I’ve found a large amount of joy working with others.

I brought the same energy with my entrance into web3, and have been blessed to work with many who I admire.

Since then, I’ve gone on to lead LNRZ DAO - an emerging collective for artists new to web3.

I’ve been fortunate enough to see strong support on Frameworks - the first EP on the Sound Protocol which minted out 333 editions in the first minute.

While these feats have all required their own hurdles, nothing compares to what we’re going for with Criteria.

Criteria Details

The Criteria project showcases web3 composability at its finest.

We’ll dive into what each of these entails over the course of the next week.

With all that said - 2500 editions is no joke.

It’s the biggest collection I’ve been a part of to date and required a unique set of challenges to get through.

Here’s how we’re breaking it down.

Phase One: OP

Available to collectors with 10 or more Daniel Allan and Reo Cragun NFTs.

This phase rewards top collectors by giving them the chance to collect in advance of the presale.

The mint price is 0.04 ETH per edition, with a max of 75 editions per wallet.

Shoutout to Bello for pulling the data together to make this happen!

Phase Two: Presale

Available to all Daniel Allan & Reo Cragun holders.

This includes collectors across Catalog, Sound, Glass House and Frameworks.

The mint price is 0.04 ETH per edition, with a max of 25 editions per wallet.

Presale begins on Thursday, December 15th at 3PM PST.

Phase Three: Public Sale

Available to the general public.
The mint price is 0.05 ETH per edition, with a max of 75 editions per wallet.

Public Sale begins on Friday, December 16th at 3PM PST and will remain open for one week.

Any unsold editions will be minted directly to a Criteria Treasury.

Collection Rarity

Criteria is somewhere in between an EP and an album.

It consists of 8 tracks - all with a unique edition count to encourage secondary market activity.

There are 8 Golden Eggs in total - one for each track on the project.

Here is the breakdown of the Criteria rarity:

“Criteria” is the opening track of the project and I waste no time getting to the meat and potatoes. It’s a song where I describe how I experienced plenty of hardships before I was comfortable in my own skin.

I glorify my growth, and am now self aware that I've reached a point that many others may not. It takes the rarest slot.

Supercharged is one of the very first songs we made for this EP, and it has remained one of our favorites.

Given its replay-ability and the fact that it’s going to be one of the lead singles, we believed it should have the highest edition count.

In theory whoever stumbles across the collection at a later date will likely listen to Supercharged first - setting the tone for the project.

Get Involved

While I’ll always be a core advocate for LNRZ - this next week is all about Criteria.

Link to official mint is here!

To stay up on the latest, join my collectors chat here and the criteria chat here.

I’m excited to be partnering with my brother Daniel and look forward to turning some heads.

See you soon!

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