RMX Artist Profile: Alexandre Louvenaz

Each week RMX.Party sources a meme template for our caption contest. You, our community submit captions, and the winner gets a prize. Sometimes it’s ETH, sometimes it’s an NFT, and soon it’ll be a minted remix. It’s all a big experiment meant to be loads of fun while we iterate and test product ideas. This is the very beginning of our product story, and we’re writing it every week we learn, test and experiment. Our mission is to support creators and their audiences as they explore new forms of creation in web3. To that end, we also publish these weekly artist profiles. We hope you’ll join us on this journey, whether here, on Twitter, or on Instagram.

Contest Week 10:

We’ve loved working with artists over the past two weeks. So far, we’ve invited our community to caption JL Maxcy’s and Myles Pittman’s work and are testing different ways to create lasting value for both our artists and our winning captioners.

This week we’re trying something new, with the help of animator Alexandre Louvenaz. You might know Louvenaz (a.k.a. Fantastic 3D Creation) as the surrealist mind behind the playfully uncomfortable Adult-Swim series Jamir at Home or from his collaborations with Tinder and MTV.

I have a lot of fun with the ''bugs'' of the software. Happy digital accidents that it can offer us.

The first part of our contest will work like last week. We’ll post an NFT at 12 PM ET on Wednesday, May 18, and call for captions until 12 PM ET on Thursday, May 19. Then Alexandre and our editorial team will pick a winner and launch an auction for the remix of Alexandre’s NFT with the winning caption. In the smart contract we create, Alexandre will get 60%, the winning captioner will get 30%, and RMX will get 10% of the winning bid.

In the experimental spirit of web3, we believe this will be a first - a co-created meme NFT where the creator and remixer are baked into the sale! In addition, we’re baking in creator royalties to every sale of the NFT ongoing. We think it’s pretty special and we hope you’ll participate in writing captions and bidding in the auction!

In the true spirit of web3, this co-creation will be the first of its kind — where creators get to earn money on their inventions in perpetuity. Suffice to say, we’re pretty excited about the experiment and hope you’ll be too.

Let’s learn about Alexandre Louvenaz:

RMX: How do you like to be credited (i.e. do you prefer an alias or using your name?)
AL: Fantastic 3D Creation But I also start to love my real last name,  Alexandre Louvenaz, so up to you.

RMX: When did you start creating? Where do you find inspiration/stay inspired?
AL: I've always loved making stuff. Play with modeling clay. Drawn favorite cartoons. pretty classic

RMX: What does your creative workspace look like? (Screenshot of your desktop?)

RMX: How do you describe your style of art in a single sentence? 
AL: Uninhibited surreal 3D animation

RMX: How long did it take you to find your style of art and what was your journey? *(Share as much or as little as you like!) 
*AL: I’m style looking for it sometimes.  But it must have really started with the desire to create small animated short films by myself. that I had to find more effective ways to tell stories and assumed the synthetic rendering of 3d. I have a lot of fun with the ''bugs'' of the software. Happy digital accidents that it can offer us.

Because representing slightly "glitched" characters gives them fragility. Which thanks to the intervention of our empathic brain, places the character as a victim of his situation and his state.

The intrinsic coldness to the use of digital synthesis tools. Accentuates the discomfort created by the static side, the silences (which are much less present in traditional animation: more expressive, more vibrant less mathematical). Our empathic brain is compelled to fulfill them. For example, our brain would tend to wonder about this hot dog seller NPC from GTA 4. What does he do when we are far from him, at the other end of the city, is there still to observe the void? ? Does it continue its animation loop? does he go home? etc...

RMX: Tell us about the meme template you created for RMX.PARTY - idea, process, origin? 
AL: In the beginning, the idea of ​​a little happy guy who seems very fragile. He shakes a lot and is poorly balanced. It needs a lot of supervision. He also made an appearance in a small series I did for adult swim. Jamir at home (episode Baby)

RMX: Do you have an affinity for memes? (likes, dislikes, etc…) What is a meme you saw recently that made you laugh out loud? 
AL: Ahah. yes, I love memes, But I’m not especially looking for themes. The last one I don’t remember. Maybe that one:


The NFT Landscape:

RMX: What excites you most about NFTs? 
AL: To be honest, I don't really know. I'm always a little late. But surely the possibility of being paid for the creation, right?

RMX: What are you most wary of in the land of NFTs? 
AL: I would say maybe an explosion of the bubbles, I don't understand everything, but it seems a bit surreal to me what is happening at the moment**

5 Quick Questions (One sentence answer max!):

RMX: What was the last show you binged and loved? 
AL: It's not recent but it's Channel Zero.  A series inspired by the creepypasta ( to be quick )

RMX: What’s your favorite meal? 
AL: Olive cakes

RMX: What was your favorite cartoon show growing up?
AL: I had a lot but I use to love Draculito and the tmnt (90’s)

RMX: What was the last tab you had open? 
AL: Google traduction (translation)

RMX: What music do you have on repeat right now?
AL: Manu Dibango - Lily (Monk Ernie Edit)

If you’re an artist and would like your work considered for our weekly caption contest, reach out on Twitter!

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