Introduction - Web3, Creators, Innovation, Investing

I have been going down the rabbithole within the crypto ecosystem over the last year - doing everything from: personally investing into tokens/protocols, buying NFTs, evaluating crypto startups for investment, investing in crypto startups, evaluating NFT media startups for investment, creating web3 strategies for creators & athletes, educating/advising creators of the perks of web3 and how those perks apply to them and their businesses, facilitating brand partnerships, participating in DAOs, evaluating DAOs, strategizing music NFTs releases with musicians, and the list goes on.

This has been one of the most exciting times for me as a person who lives for innovation and new business models as a builder/investor. Web3’s ability to shake up traditional models for the betterment of consumerism, the creator economy, sports, media, and entrepreneurship is powerful.

I wanted a place to write about my thoughts and detail what I’m building, investing in, evaluating, and share what is inspiring me in the categories of: web3, creators, innovation, NFTs, sports, startups/investing, tech and media. Looking forward to sharing some interesting stuff here.


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