"Metaverse": Value + Rev Gen Opportunities
August 30th, 2022

As a follow-on to my last post, “Metaverse": Value Drivers, I wanted to identify quick hits in terms of value and/or revenue generation opportunities. Let me know if you have more for the list.


  1. Fractionalization

    Fractionalization refers to minting tokenized fractional ownership of an NFT. These tokens then function as standard ERC20 tokens, which have governance over the NFT that they own. For example, Fractional. Fractionalizing will allow individuals to buy and own a percentage of our HL’s Otherdeeds. This strategy would allow anyone to a) de-risk exposure, b) increase price discovery, and c) augment the liquidity of and accessibility to assets/lands.

    For example, say one of the Otherdeeds’ land prices is $10,000 – the downside risk is $10K. To circumvent this risk, we can fractionalize the deed into say, 1,000 tokens, then have 50% of these tokens on the market. The sale of these tokens will reduce downside risk for HL’s exposure and provide capital for ongoing ops. 

    Additionally, these tokens are also yield-bearing assets giving token holders the rights to revenue and activity on the land. Thus, the sum of parts has the potential to be greater than the whole → near-term returns from the appreciation of land++. And the activity on fractional assets provides real-time price discovery for the assets.

  2. Sharding

    Combining land fraction tokens across different deeds into token sets, allows various users to gain broader ownership of and exposure to the land in the metaverse. This is exciting and a pure permutation and combination problem w/ endless opportunities.  

  3. Renting and Leasing

    The straight-up way to generate revenue from metaverse lands is by offering it for rent. Infrastructure to rent digital land is in place. A potential challenge is a slow rise in rental demand for undeveloped plots of land (issues: difficulty associated w/ building? Marketing?).

  4. Staking Rewards

    Staking other game tokens in a metaverse of your choice and working with multiple gaming guilds. These rewards offer the additional benefit of renting out land, generating revenue for the treasury while still allowing our Creators Guild to build out our land holdings

  5. Financing (example, NFTfi)

    1. Mortgages (example, TerraZero)
    2. Reverse Mortgages
    3. Collateralization (example, issues NFTs backed by ownership of the land)  
    4. “Deed owner financing” (buyer possesses the land, the seller assumes the role of the lender. The buyer makes a typical down payment, and then sends monthly payments w/ interest to the seller until pay-off + develop land as they see fit → and when the loan is fully paid then deed NFT is transferred to the wallet of the buyer)
  6. Rev Share

    Setting up rev-share agreements with developers of the land. With land ownership, you can provide access to content creators and builders by offering them access to land they would not have access to otherwise. In return, creators would share the agreed-upon % of revenues their games/projects generate. 

  7. P2E Partnerships

    Partner with guilds to collect/mine/harvest resources on the land. Allowing you to become instant players within the space – so instead of doing it all by yourself, partner with guilds that already have scholarship programs.


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