TradingView Charts for Rubicon

Rubicon has a redesigned Trade page with charts from TradingView, it’s live now on the App:

With the new interface, traders can place Limit Orders and Market Orders while tracking markets with live price charts and order books!

Trade Overview

First, select a trading pair. The Rubicon protocol is permissionless and supports trading of any ERC-20 token, but for now, the App uses a shortlist of popular tokens on Optimism. Select or flip the tokens to view the chart and order book for the pair:

Now it’s time to place a trade. Market Orders specify a quantity and are executed instantly at the market price, the best possible price on the order book. These orders pay a 0.01% protocol fee for “taking” liquidity off the book. Swaps on Rubicon are effectively market orders that can route across multiple order books!

Limit Orders specify a price and a quantity and are only filled if the market price crosses the limit price. Note that tokens offered in a limit order are sent to the Rubicon order book contract and remain there until the order is filled or canceled. Traders can cancel orders and check their status under the Orders tab or the History page:

Clicking 'cancel' will submit a cancel transaction for you to confirm in your wallet
Clicking 'cancel' will submit a cancel transaction for you to confirm in your wallet

To learn more about the Rubicon protocol at a technical level, visit our documentation. There you can find overviews of the smart contracts (e.g. RubiconMarket) as well as helpful tools for developers like our Python and Rust SDKs. If you need help onboarding a trading bot, ask questions in our Discord!

Live Charts & Market Data

Regardless of what they trade, people love the feature-rich charts from TradingView. Rubicon integrated the Technical Analysis Charts, which have many chart types, dozens of technical analysis (TA) tools, custom time/date ranges, and seamless price scaling. Our team really likes Fullscreen Mode:

The data that populates the charts, the order books, and open orders is queried from Rubicon’s subgraphs; open APIs for querying historical data from the blockchain. You can use our subgraphs to query market data and historical token prices. Here are links to getting started:

Thanks for reading!

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(This post is for educational purposes only. Nothing in it should be construed as financial advice. Do your own research before making investments.)

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