Rubicon v1 $50k Code4rena Audit Contest

Rubicon is sponsoring a $50,000 Audit Contest on Code4rena! This contest will cover the Rubicon v1 smart contracts in this repository; we look forward to the whitehat army of C4 Wardens reviewing our contracts!

This is not a bug bounty - the contest has guaranteed payouts for all legit findings, so go tell your neighborhood security researcher about it! 🕵️🔎

Here are our Contest Details:

  • 47,500 USDC main rewards pool
  • 2,500 USDC gas optimization rewards pool
  • Starts May 23, 2022 20:00 UTC
  • Ends May 28, 2022 19:59 UTC
  • To participate, sign up to be a Warden and join the C4 Discord!

Visit Rubicon’s contest page on Code4rena for more details, an overview of our contracts, or to report a finding! After the contest is over, Code4rena will publish a report (like these) summarizing the findings, and we plan to publish one as well.

Security is incredibly important to us, not just within the protocol, but throughout the Rubicon tech stack. We chose to hold a Code4rena contest for Rubicon v1 because we believe they have several advantages over alternative security options. Unlike bug bounties, Code4rena contests have guaranteed payouts for auditors and make more sense for fresh code. Compared to traditional audits, Code4rena contests are much more flexible and anyone can be a part of them! This means more feedback from a diverse set of security researchers.

About Code4rena

Code4rena (C4) is an open organization consisting of security researchers, auditors, developers, and individuals with domain expertise in smart contracts.

A C4 audit contest is an event in which community participants, referred to as Wardens, review, audit, or analyze smart contract logic in exchange for a bounty provided by sponsoring projects.

Thanks for reading! Here’s where you can find us online:

Alea iacta est.

(This post is for educational purposes only. Nothing in it should be construed as financial advice. Do your own research before making investments)

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