Rubicon is Live on Base

Today Rubicon launched on Base, a secure and low-cost Ethereum L2 built by Coinbase! You can send tokens to Base and start trading on the Rubicon App ⬅️

Trading on Base

Visit, connect a wallet, and select the Base network:

Once connected, you can start trading on Rubicon! Swap finds the best route to swap two tokens on the Rubicon order books, while Trade provides a traditional order book UI for trading ERC-20 token pairs with onchain Limit and Market orders:

Find the best route for your trade on Swap
Find the best route for your trade on Swap
Trade WETH/USDbC with onchain Market & Limit Orders
Trade WETH/USDbC with onchain Market & Limit Orders

Sending tokens to Base

If you need to send ETH or ERC-20 tokens to Base, you can use the Bridge in the Rubicon App to find the best route to bridge to Base from 12 other chains:

Find the best route to get to Base!
Find the best route to get to Base!

Rubicon Overview

Rubicon is an onchain order book protocol built on the leading Ethereum L2 networks.

On Rubicon, Limit Orders earn fees. When an order is filled, the majority of protocol fees are paid directly to the “maker”, the address that placed the order, as a rebate. Maker Rebates compensate traders that provide liquidity on the protocol, helping them cover their transaction fees and the risk of providing liquidity onchain.

Paying gas fees for every single limit/cancel order can get expensive. To solve this, Rubicon has Batch Orders, novel order types traders use to place, cancel, or update hundreds of orders in a single transaction, limited only by the network’s block/transaction gas limit. By batching many orders into one transaction, traders can prorate transaction fees across multiple orders, reducing their cost per order.

By saving on transaction fees with rebates and batch orders, Rubicon market makers can actively update their onchain positions as prices change on centralized exchanges. This means better returns for liquidity providers, and lower spreads/better rates for traders!

Developer Tools

Whether you’re operating a market making bot, querying historical data, or integrating Rubicon into your application, we have tooling to support whatever you’re building!

If you have questions or need help with Rubicon tooling, send a message in the #devs channel in our Discord!

Contract Addresses on Base

RubiconMarket.sol: 0x9A5215E96E1185d4e6002C95C3Cc0aB6eEaD354F

RubiconRouter.sol: 0x929675f6a6aC12D7cC3463BE1df7221ca35b8a00

A complete list of Rubicon smart contracts is on our Deployments page.

What is Base?

Base is a secure, low-cost, builder-friendly Ethereum L2 built to bring the next billion users onchain. Base is incubated within Coinbase and plans to progressively decentralize in the years ahead.

Base is built on the OP Stack, with Coinbase joining OP Labs as a core developer of the L2 stack focused on scaling Ethereum and its values by building interoperable networks. Learn more about Base in the docs and follow the latest developments on their blog.

We encourage traders to learn more about Base’s security model on L2Beat.


Alea iacta est.

(This post is for educational purposes only. Nothing in it should be construed as financial advice. Do your own research before making investments.)

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