Token Bridging is live on Rubicon
August 9th, 2022

Today we are launching a Token Bridge in the Rubicon App! Select the Bridge on the sidebar to transfer tokens to and from Ethereum, Optimism, and other blockchains 🌉

Powered by Socket, our Bridge finds the best route from major token bridges with support for hundreds of token combinations and 9 blockchains:

Whether you are bridging to Optimism to trade on Rubicon for the first time or you’re seizing an opportunity on another chain, our Bridge finds you the best route without having to leave the App!

After launching the Bridge, select which blockchains you are sending From and To and which tokens you want to send and receive. Socket’s API does all the work, finding the best route for any token combination:

USDC on Polygon to ETH on Optimism with little to no slippage!
USDC on Polygon to ETH on Optimism with little to no slippage!

The Bridge defaults to the route that gets you the most tokens possible on the destination chain, but you can also choose a route with cheaper fees. Remember that if it’s your first time on a new chain, you need the native token to pay network fees (gas). On Optimism, gas fees are paid in ETH.

There is a complete guide to using the Bridge in the Rubicon docs ⬅️

Superior Bridging Experience

Most DeFi apps send users to a third-party website to bridge tokens between blockchains. This process is confusing, time-consuming, and unfortunately, sometimes dangerous. More than $1 billion of user funds were lost in bridge hacks in the past year.

With this bridge integration, Rubicon traders can seamlessly transfer crypto assets across chains without having to leave the app!

Our team also takes security very seriously and wants to ensure that we only direct users to bridges with robust security models and reliable liquidity. We do an internal security review before adding a new bridge to the integration, and when possible we inform our decision with L2Beat’s proposed bridge framework.

Integrating with Socket

After exploring many bridging solutions, we believe Socket gives users the best possible experience.

Socket powers truly multichain apps, acting as a meta-layer that gives protocols like Rubicon seamless connectivity across chains and enables developers to build unified apps with shared liquidity & state across chains. In other words, this bridge is just one way Rubicon can use Socket’s powerful interoperability stack.

You may also recognize them as the team behind Bungee, one of the fastest-growing apps in DeFi, which is also built on their Socket API.

Happy bridging anon! 🌉

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