‘sartoshi’ first appeared in early 2021 as an anonymous digital art collector on superrare. the name comes from the words satoshi and art. i then joined twitter as sartoshi_nft. i began creating some digital art as well, including a hand drawn character saying ‘gm mfers’...i eventually created the mfers collection released in november 2021.

to explain what mfers are at their core (mfers do what they want, cc0, no roadmap, we all mfers, no ruler, etc), i released a mirror article called ‘what are mfers’ early 2022. by this time i had somewhere around 100k followers on twitter – something i had never imagined when i started up the year before – i loved interacting with all you crypto artists, collectors, and degens every day.

around that time, some mfers floated the idea that for mfers to truly reach a leaderless decentralized level, sartoshi should disappear into the ether.

this was a fascinating concept, but the idea of giving everything up after all that time wasnt something i was seriously considering. as that idea resurfaced more, however, i began thinking it would be a powerful event to leave it all and transfer the mfers smart contract to the community, handing over all authority regarding mfers. and if sartoshi was going to disappear and no longer create crypto art, i thought it fitting to create a final piece called ‘end of sartoshi’ for anyone who wanted a final artwork – the character was the same one who said ‘gm mfers’...but this time it was ‘gn mfers’. on 6/9/22 that’s exactly what occurred. the mfers contract was transferred to the unofficialmfers.eth multisig wallet, and sartoshi_nft was permanently deactivated.

the spirit of sartoshi lived on. and i saw that some viewed this event not as a powerful transition but as simply an abandonment of the nft/crypto community. some expressed the sense that sartoshi ‘isn’t really part of us because he’s gone’.

that was never the idea.

so on new year’s day 2023, i’ll be starting up as @sartoshi_rip . and i’ll be entering twitter like sartoshi did the first time, as a collector of crypto art. to that end, i plan to have the ‘end of sartoshi’ artwork serve as an ongoing pass for holders to obtain free claims to crypto art from great crypto artists. (royalties on the ‘end of sartoshi’ piece are 0%).

and the mfers smart contract will remain community owned. i have no authority over it, including over royalty structure or anything else. mfers do what they want.

sidenote about these mirror posts - it appears that mirror now requires that published posts like this are minted to optimism by default (and can also be collected there). there is no hidden meaning in these mirror posts having those features - i guess they changed that up since my earlier mirror posts. i simply wanted to get my message out…tho the optimism term feels fitting.

love you mfers whether you got an mfer or not we all mfers see you in the new year

- sartoshi_rip

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