June 9th, 2022

it’s time. 3 things:

1. mfers contract goes to community, as does largest royalty share.

the mfers smart contract is being transferred to the mfers community via the unofficial mfers multi-sig wallet, which will be receiving the largest share (50%) of the mfers creator royalty going forward for the community to do whatever it wants.

February 13th, 2022

lots of mfers been asking ‘what are mfers’ so here’s the backstory

the origin traces to my entry to the world of nfts

in march 2021 i began looking at digital art on superrare and created an account there. i needed a name… we all know about satoshi & digital currency…but this was about a foray into digital art…suddenly ‘sartoshi’ was born. my pfp began as the default anonymous image on superrare and i collected a few pieces…

then it all hit hyperspace.