Natura, an NFT collection by Dhimant Vyas to benefit child education with Jara & SevaLove
January 6th, 2022


A collection of animated masterpieces based on physical paintings created by internationally acclaimed artist Dhimant Vyas, with 25% of NFT sales to be donated to Jara, helping empower children in under-resourced communities to receive a quality education anytime, anywhere through the Jara Unit, a personal education device that enables children to learn localized education content in any language without needing access to power, a quality classroom, or the Internet.

View the collection here:

Still image previews of the art
Still image previews of the art

About the Collection

Painted and animated by Dhimant Vyas, the Natura NFT collection of 100 unique 1-of-1 NFTs is rooted around Mother Nature and her many fascinating representations in Indian folk art, representing Dhimant’s unique artistic style and deep concern for the erosion of nature in our race for urbanization. Dhimant is releasing this collection in collaboration with Seva Love to help spread awareness and invoke a sense of urgency for us to collaborate to make the world a more sustainable place.

NFT Release Schedule

NFTs #1 - 10 were a sell out release, raising a donation of 3.6875 ETH to Jara. You can now view these NFTs on OpenSea on the resale market.

NFTs #11 - 40 will be released on Wednesday February 23rd at 11AM PST

Click here to learn how to mint the NFTs when the sale goes live.

More details will be announced soon on the timing for future releases.

NFT Utility

Additional NFTs will be sent to the first buyer of each NFT from the minting website entitling them access to:

  • a virtual master class with Dhimant Vyas to be hosted in 2022
  • the annual Seva Love summit in December 2022


  • one Seva Love Mentor Club token which provide access to special events, giveaways and benefits to NFT holders (learn more here)
  • two Seva Love Mint Passes which provide access to future allowlist spots for Seva Love NFT projects

If anyone collects 5 individual NFTs from the Natura collection in the same wallet, they will be granted access to an exclusive private event with Deepak Chopra on creativity & abundance.

NFT License Agreement

Sale of NFTs from the Natura collection are subject to the NFT License Agreement, with use of website subject to the Terms of Use.

Resale of all NFTs from the NFTs will be subject to a 7.5% royalty payment that will be split between Jara, Seva Love and Dhimant Vyas.

To Learn More

  1. Check out the collection on
  2. Join the Natura channel on Seva.Love’s discord
  3. Follow us on twitter @metaseva / @joinjara / @DhimantVyas

Join us in supporting Jara

The Jara Unit: An Emergency Education Solution

In 2020, 91% of the global student population, around 1.63 billion children, were out of school due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Almost half of these children, about 800M, did not have the technology tools they needed to continue their education.

While many children have returned back to the classroom, many of the 800M children who did not have access to distance learning still do not today… 2 years later.

Jara is a 501c3 focused on the children most impacted by the educational crisis who are often in communities with less access to electricity and the internet. These communities include post-disaster zones, low-income communities, refugee camps and more.

The education crisis is not new, but it is exacerbated - Before the COVID-19 pandemic, there were approximately 262 million out of school children worldwide, 565 million who live in conflict or disaster affected countries, for whom access to education was compromised.

Every child on this planet deserves continuous access to the quality education they need to thrive.

Providing Quality Education Anytime, Anywhere

Jara has invented the Jara Unit to address this problem, a solar and crank-powered personal education device that provides children offline access to curriculum-aligned educational content. The Jara Unit can mimic a workbook, personal tutor, a textbook, a quizzing tool, and more. It is a teaching tool for teachers, and a learning solution for students.

Funds from the NFT collection will be donated to support Jara’s product and program development to support children everywhere,  starting with 10-13 year old children in Nepal, whose communities are still feeling the effects of the 2015 earthquake, where about 60% of children currently do not have access to distance learning, especially in low-internet and low-electricity communities.

Learn more about Jara here and listen to the founder Soraya Fouladi discuss the need and vision for Jara below.

About the Artist

Dhimant Vyas

Dhimant Vyas - Artist and Animation Film Designer
Dhimant Vyas - Artist and Animation Film Designer

About my Paintings

Reimagining the nature of folk art

My world is filled with the rich colors, flavors, and details of stories I hear, literature I read, music I listen to, sounds that fill my days, and life experiences that I come in contact with. In my paintings, these coalesce to take a visual form—sometimes they connect and make a continuum of meaning. Sometimes, they become a means for my self-expression.

In the painting series “Natura,” I’ve worked with a new style synthesized from a fusion of folk art and imaginative world art. At its base are Mother Nature and her many fascinating representations in Indian folk art. She anchors this series, probably representing my deep concern about her erosion in our race for urbanization and a sense of urgency to get reconnected with her.

They lend both solidities with their details and otherworldliness to my work. Through this layered lens, I have viewed characters, culture, emotions, and instances. They are sometimes poignant, sometimes funny, and sometimes even trippy.

I chose mediums like Acrylic on canvas, Watercolours on paper to complement the richness I wanted to bring alive. Ethnic colors add fullness. Original gold foil is the finishing touch.

Solo Exhibition

  • Jehangir Art Gallery, Dec 2013- Jan 2014
  • India Art Festival 2015, Mumbai
  • Art Gallery RDD  Neroy Gallery, Mumbai
  • India Art Festival 2016, Mumbai
  • The Art Enclave at Index Fair 2017, Mumbai
  • National Gallery of Modern Art 2017, Bangalore
  • India Art Festival 2018, Mumbai
  • Artisan Art Gallery, Mumbai
  • Online at '' of Saffron art Art Gallery

Paintings in collection of

  • Mr. Amitabh Bachchan,Bollywood superstar
  • Aamir Khan, Bollywood superstar
  • Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra, Bollywood Director
  • Nandita Das, Bollywood Actress
  • Soumen Roy, Star Middle East FZ LLC

From the community

“Dhimant is such a pure soul … his expression is original and unique. slowly but surely seeping into ones subconscious. I have often had conversations with his paintings. They talk to you.”
Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra
Indian filmmaker and screenwriter


  • Gold medal (Honorable Mention award) in the 80th International Photographic Salon of Japan 2019- 2020
  • Outstanding Individual Achievement for Character Animation Award’ from 4th Global Youth Marketing Forum 2012
  • 4th Apsara Film & Television Producers Guild Awards for title animation of Film ’Taare Zameen Par”2009
  • Best Title Sequence – Film ’TaareZameen Par” Prize of effort DIGICON Japan 2009
  • Best Title Sequence - Film or TV ”TaareZameen Par” Golden Cursor Awards for Excellence in Animation 2008 by CNBC TV18
  • Best social welfare short film”Happy Planet” FICCI Frames Award 2008
  • Best short film “Happy Planet” Third Prize DIGICON 6+3 Japan 2007
  • Gold Award for Children short film” Cute Bunny” Kalamazoo Animation Film Festival (KAFI), 2003
  • Gold medal in the 55th International Photographic Salon of Japan 1995-96

More details will be released soon! Join the Natura channel on Seva.Love’s discord to learn more.

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