How to mint an NFT from the Natura collection

This article provides an overview of how to mint an from Dhimant Vyas’ Natura collection.

How to mint an NFT

  • Visit the official minting site during the presale period for eligible community members, or once the public sale is live
  • Select and NFT and connect your wallet (e.g. https//
  • Press the mint button and confirm the ETH transaction from your wallet

For a step by step guide on how to set up your NFT wallet, get Ethereum (ETH) and complete the minting process continue reading below.

Step 1: Create an NFT wallet

If you already have a crypto wallet skip to, Step 2

To store the NFT you will need a cryptocurrency wallet that supports storing NFTs. We recommend using MetaMask, click here to download the app for your desktop or mobile device.

Reference: How to create a MetaMask.

Step 2: Deposit ETH into your wallet

If you already have ETH in your crypto wallet, skip to Step 3

To mint an NFT from the Natura collection you will need ETH (Ethereum). You can buy ETH from within MetaMask, or set up an exchange account on a platform like

Reference: How to deposit ETH into your NFT wallet.

Step 3: Visit the Natura Collection page while minting is live

Once minting is live, users will be able to go to the website and follow the below steps to mint their NFT:

1) Go to and select the NFT that you want to mint from one of the Active Drops NFTs.

2) Select an NFT and click on its tile to visit the NFT page (e.g. for NFT #11)

3) Click Connect Wallet and confirm the request from your wallet to be able to mint the NFT from the options shown.

Desktop view using the MetaMask browser extension
Desktop view using the MetaMask browser extension

Helpful hints: Select Wallet Connect if you are using a mobile device, this will allow you to open MetaMask or other supported app based wallets.

4) Click on the Mint button to buy the NFT for the given price and confirm the transaction from your wallet. You will need to pay the minting price and Ethereum gas fees to have the transaction processed by the network.

RELEASE 3 - for NFTs #11-25 (UPCOMING) View the #natura-presale discord channel for details on how to get access to the presale.

  • Presale starts: Feb. 22rd @ 11AM PST
  • Presale minting price: 1 ETH
  • Public sale starts: Feb 23rd @ 11AM PST
  • Public sale minting price: 1.5 ETH

RELEASE 2 - Feb. 2nd @ 11AM PST for NFTs #6-10 (COMPLETED)

RELEASE 1 - Jan. 26th @ 11AM PST for NFTs #1-4 (COMPLETED)

Step 4: View the Natura Collection on

After the initial sale and minting, NFTs from the collection will be available on the resale market through sites like and other exchanges.

Reference: How to buy an NFT on OpenSea

Any questions?

Please reach out in our #support SevaLove Discord channel.

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