Paint The Canvas With Your People

Hi, It’s been a while since I’ve posted! I have started to put tother a stock of SCENES at the half way point, but no-one can communicate the value of the project better than those who it has connected with on an emotional level. So, for this post im going to turn to Edaurdmsmr who has allowed me to share his message:

“Through every high and low, I am always with you.”

Below is my Scene for “Don’t Worry” by Sound of Fractures


At first glance, it appears as a simple image. Yet, delving deeper, it reveals itself to be much more: a connection, an expression, an emotion, a reflection of myself. It's an image that transcends the “physicality” of pixels, touching the intangible realm that can only be felt, not seen.

When I selected this image for the scene, I expected a challenging decision. Surprisingly, it was seamless. Everything aligned perfectly. Reflecting on the track and its theme, I realized there was only one person I wanted to include in this message. The process of choosing the image and crafting the message transformed into an emotional journey. I reminisced over all the moments we shared - the good and the great, the joyous and the sorrowful. It was like watching the story of my 24 years unfold before my eyes, all intertwined with this man. In that moment, I recognized once again that he is the most significant person in my life, irreplaceable and unparalleled, second only to my children ( I don’t have any yet haha ). Tears fill my eyes as I write this - tears of joy, gratitude, and appreciation. He is my father, my mother, my best friend, my soul.

Usually, I am not one to openly share these sentiments, but I'm making an exception to highlight the extraordinary nature of SCENES. This project goes beyond music, technology, culture, or whatever else you consider it to be. It's an initiative that captures something far greater - an exploration of our inner selves, our emotions, and the connections we forge.

The sentiments I've expressed above are a testament to the profound impact this project has had on me. And I believe it has the power to evoke similarly deep responses in others, though your experiences may be uniquely yours. Scenes 4 is now live, offering you the opportunity to contribute your own image, create your scene, and deepen your connection with yourself, your loved ones, or anyone significant in your life.

Life among other things is an emotion, and emotion is life.

SCENES is not just a project; it's a catalyst for igniting even more of what lies within us Thank you! Enjoy exploring your own “scenes”!

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