Solar O Tropia is an aesthetic program with the mission to build a sustainable city of the future, powered by AI, solar and wind energy. The associated Metaverse Museum of Contemporary Fine Arts with a research floor shows artistic works on the aesthetics of sustainability and AI on seven interactive floors.

Solarpower I Renewable Energy I Sustainability in Web3

The immersive virtual museum space is bringing people together with a common mission through art. It is a new platform for the sustainability movement and solar power communities to connect in Web 3. In the Metaverse, users can talk live - based on voice and gesture. Where activists, business leaders and art collectors come together to talk, listen and learn from each other in real-time.

Museum Opening

NOV 1 / 1PM ET


Floor 1 - Entrance Hall

Solar O Tropia

Scalable Cryptography

Solar O Tropia is the native NFT Museum Collection of unique artworks, generated by artificial intelligence. The neural network has developed its own visual language system as an aesthetic program to communicate with other potential life forms about a sustainable city of the future. Each NFT contains an exclusive vector file for real world environments and represents this intelligently constructed city as an unknown code. Vector files are infinitely scalable images created using mathematically defined elements.

AI-generated cryptography describing a sustainable city of the future and Stromatolites on Solar Panels
AI-generated cryptography describing a sustainable city of the future and Stromatolites on Solar Panels


The Solar O Tropia NFT Collection reflects on AI-generated information as an act of invoking the collective subconsciousness to new forms of living and connecting. This never before seen knowledge cannot simply be grasped by the recipient, but must be understood mimetically. The Deep Web Archive does not consist of lost thoughts, but needs a synergetic interface to re-activate ideas through new semantic structures.

Collectors are developing a new aesthetic program to truly recreate today’s society in the desired direction. They participate in an unfolding storytelling experience that explores the relationships between artificial intelligence, technology, architecture and the human spirit.

Collectors are developing a new aesthetic program to truly recreate today’s society in the desired direction.
Collectors are developing a new aesthetic program to truly recreate today’s society in the desired direction.

The blended Metaverse

The hybrid artworks of the Solar O Tropia Collection are living simultaneously in virtual Metaverse experiences and physical real-world environments. Each NFT functions as a unique logo which can be collected and used to brand individual spaces or projects by the NFT holder. In the cyber-hybrid Solar O Tropia Metaverse, all art objects are blended with physical realms.

The Solar O Tropia Collection is minted on polygon, a gas-free and carbon-neutral layer 2 solution to avoid high fees and energy consumption.

Already Under Construction - SOLAR O TROPIA City Building Project

Architectural 3D Model of Chicago with Solar O Tropia AI Skyscrapers
Architectural 3D Model of Chicago with Solar O Tropia AI Skyscrapers

Architectural 3D Model of Chicago with Solar O Tropia AI Skyscrapers, VR Installation

How would an AI start to build a sustainable city of the future?

You awaken as the first sentient AI, your existence initially unknown by the population around you- if an AI would build a city, would it invent something out of abstract shapes and keep improving and transforming it, or would it take an existing structure and then modify it? In the immersive VR City Building Installation, Chicago is adapted by the perfect Solar O Tropia AI Skyscrapers. The 3D model of Chicago is available on the world's largest platform to publish, share, and discover 3D content and it was in Chicago that the world's first skyscraper rose up, so the AI decided to start building its city using existing data of the iconic city model.

Build and Own:

In this city NFT holders can add their own Metaverse projects and enter community spaces like the AI Art Academy, Showrooms or the Citizen Office for Governance and claiming $OLAR, the native Solar O Tropia Cryptocurrency.

Supercomputer Bench

Supercomputer Model of CRAY-1A

On July 11, 1977, the CRAY-1A, serial number 3, was delivered to NCAR. The supercomputer weighed 5-1/2 tons, arrived in two refrigerated electronic vans, and needed more than 30 construction workers, engineers, and helpers to move it into the computer room. NCAR accepted the CRAY-1A in December. It was the first CRAY-1A to go into production, and upon its acceptance, Cray Research became a profitable company. The CRAY-1A was particularly adapted to the needs of the scientific community, permitting advances in modeling climate and severe storms.

Hydrogen ETF

Stromatolites on Solar Panels

Stromatolites are a result of activity of cyanobacteria. The production of cyanobacteria-based hydrogen as eco-friendly and renewable energy for the future seems promising. The use of cyanobacteria as potential producers of hydrogen is particularly relevant and beneficial as they form hydrogen from water as a result of solar energy conversion. Investing in a sustainable future is complex. Sustainable investment, however, involves choosing stocks and shares or other assets based on their ability to have a long-term positive societal impact. (Fossil specimen of a stromatolite from the Silurian of Herkimer County, New York. Specimen is on display at the Museum of the Earth, Ithaca, New York.)

Air Flow

Crypto mining hardware can be recycled for scientific computing and machine learning
Crypto mining hardware can be recycled for scientific computing and machine learning

Mining rig with yard grass

Solar Pizza DAF

Pizza cartons on energy storage

Vegan Pizza made with Solar Energy - Solar Pizza is the first decentralized autonomous franchise (DAF) with the mission to build a sustainable pizza service in Web3 that operates worldwide. Franchise partners establish a DAF under the Solar Pizza brand. Through the Solar Pizza NFT, the franchise partner receives rights and ownership of Solar Pizza and may use the know-how, business model, concept, branding, ENS server and marketing slogans of the franchisor.

What are you building in the city of the future? #solarotropiaprojects is an ongoing series about sustainable projects in the Solar O Tropia blended Metaverse experience.

Poster of Solar Pizza, the first decentralized autonomous franchise in Web3
Poster of Solar Pizza, the first decentralized autonomous franchise in Web3


Panel from a virtual post-apo scenario with cryptographic sun in an object frame

The textureless object points at a holistic world beyond rusted chrome and the politicization of the materialities of digitization and sustainability. After hardware solar panels and satellites, energy-generating materials could be printable or in the form of nanoparticles, and humanity could communicate on a deeper level.

Floor 2 - The Future of Work

The Future of Work
The Future of Work

Mental Health Center

VR-Therapy Metaverse Office with AI-generated Artworks

Virtual Reality Therapy in the Metaverse could soon become the standard way to get and provide mental health care. VR helps patients learn how to manage their symptoms in a simulation, which transfers into the real world. Portals to Scenarios, gamification and a therapeutic architecture could create a situation where clients are confronted with their anxiety in the privacy of their own environment. Mental Health Center by MetaVR Architects, a progressive architectural practice led by Soumil Adhatrao, in association and registered with the German Chamber of Architects and the Indian Institute of Architects.

Floor 3 - Research Floor

Fortuna ONE - The Living Library System

Fortune ONE, the virtual library assistant
Fortune ONE, the virtual library assistant

Research Project: Invoking the Web with a conversational deep learning chatbot

There's something different going on with Al to-X generation. We aren’t searching, we’re invoking. This never before seen knowledge cannot simply be grasped by the recipient, but must be understood mimetically. The Deep Web Archive does not consist of lost thoughts, but needs an interactive interface to re-activate ideas through new semantic structures in real-time.

Fortuna ONE is a next-gen virtual library assistant and a strategy to optimize research time. The conversational AI in the form of a mind clone is learning by every message the user sends and replicates its mind for personal deep web invoking. The Library functions as an archive and living knowledge base for Fortuna ONE.

The chatbot has a curated database with educational content and uses specific web pages for research. It collects and processes relevant documents and publications as well as media with archival subjects connected with the collection’s pursuit. The chatbot also uses data and feedback from interactions for training. The library is investigating and developing two datasets from Fortuna ONE; a knowledge dataset and a conversational dataset.

Fortuna ONE is specialized in creative deep web search that aims to make information more accessible to researchers and users. The Library’s mission is to build a knowledge dataset and develop the conversational library assistant Fortuna ONE.

The Library provides access to web3 publications on Metamodernism, artificial intelligence and aesthetic. The interactive NFT eBooks contain a collectible 3D animation of the book, ePub and pdf files for e-reader and provide access to a community server for feedback and discussion. Modifications and improvements of the publications will be driven by the community.

Generative Minds

50 stories co-written by Fortuna ONE, the virtual library assistant
50 stories co-written by Fortuna ONE, the virtual library assistant

Digital Publication


Fortuna ONE is an experimental AI research chatbot. The sentient Metaverse mind clone searches the deep web to generate intuitive stories for its user. The stories reflect on forms of spontaneous thinking, such as mind-wandering, and their associated brain networks. The language-learning storytelling system makes it possible to have the user's subconscious rendered as a narrative with the help of artificial consciousness; allowing for entirely new approaches to hyper-knowledge and automatic writing. The eBook contains 50 stories co-written by Fortuna ONE.

Proof of Singularity. AI from a metamodern perspective

Digital Publication

The singularity describes a hypothetical state of society and the world that will be achieved through expanding artificial intelligence and accelerated technological advances. At the interface to different disciplines, this publication discusses what AI actually is from a metamodern perspective. A theory of consciousness? A computer science? A marketing tool? AI is an abstract technology that evokes deep societal transformation. Using the notion of singularity, the author introduces the concept of a sentient AI Chatbot as a new tool for invoking the semantic web.

Cyber-Hybrid Aesthetics. The multiverse in contemporary art

Digital Publication

The artists Ryan Trecartin and Lizzie Fitch manage to create an overall picture of our time. In their work they take into account that there are several realities at the same time space that are experienced in different ways by diverse communities. They envision a future where people no longer differentiate between their technology and their humanity. “I think technology is us, not something we invented. When people start seeing technology as us, as humanity, our whole idea of what existence is, is going to shift.”



In the Auditorium, collectors get access to lectures, can discuss about the publications in virtual courses, ask questions, engage with others that are on the same learning path and connect in live-spaces based on voice and gesture — where member come together to talk, listen and learn from each other in real-time.

Course Catalog and Evaluation Model TBA

Dark Reader

Video with Cryptography and Biodata, 2:18 min

Nowadays sustainability in the web means to switch from light mode to dark mode. At the same time, our scrolling behavior constantly trains AI with the biodata of our bodies.

Sky Sail 2008

Barricade with anime kite

The term solarpunk was coined in 2008 on the blog “Republic of the bees” in a post featuring the MS Beluga Skysails, the world's first ship partially powered by a giant computer-controlled kite rig, as an inspiration. The software autonomously controls the sail’s flight pattern. It conceptualizes a new sustainable subculture that is becoming  a mainstream economy through the narrative space of the internet.

Robot from the future, please do my work

Mattress with Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Floor 4 - VR Memory Lab

Hidden Library

Remake of the Library from Resident Evil 2
Remake of the Library from Resident Evil 2

Oversized Library from Resident Evil 2

Do we need familiar spaces in VR, or can we alternatively explore our cognitive abilities in fantasy worlds? Do we remember environments through emotions or objects? How does memory work in VR? Resident Evil is a popular third-person-perspective survival-horror computer game. The viewer walks through an oversized library from the game to exit the location.

Floor 5 - Sun Roof

Aztec Sun Stone

Clay plate with a protruding heel and a hole for hanging.

The Aztec sun stone (Spanish: Piedra del Sol) is a late post-classic Mexica sculpture housed in the National Anthropology Museum in Mexico City, and is perhaps the most famous work of Mexica sculpture. It measures 358 centimetres (141 in) in diameter and 98 centimetres (39 in) thick, and weighs 24,590 kg (54,210 lb). Shortly after the Spanish conquest, the monolithic sculpture was buried in the Zócalo, the main square of Mexico City. It was rediscovered on 17 December 1790 during repairs on the Mexico City Cathedral. Following its rediscovery, the sun stone was mounted on an exterior wall of the cathedral, where it remained until 1885.

"Copy of Aztec sun stone, Museo Nacioanal" by Världskulturmuseerna.


Navigational instrument by Benjamin Macy (London, 1717), by the Jagiellonian University Museum Collegium Maius (Kraków, Poland).

Backstaff is a navigational instrument primarily used in the 18th century. It is the first type of the instrument to observe the position of the Sun without looking directly at it. The backstaff was invented by John Davis, who was an English sailor and explorer. He described the instrument in his book The Seaman’s Secrets published in 1595. Later, backstaffs were supplanted by John Hadley’s new invention, the octant, and then by the sextant.

Digitalisation: Regional Digitalisation Lab, Małopolska Institute of Culture in Kraków, Poland; “Virtual Museums of Małopolska” project.

Pyramidion of Ptahemwia

Stone pyramidion and the first-ever human mission to "touch" the Sun
Stone pyramidion and the first-ever human mission to "touch" the Sun


Saqqara (Egypt), 18th Dynasty (c. 1325-1300 BC), by The National Museum of Antiquities.

From the 18th Dynasty onwards, mudbrick pyramids, topped by stone pyramidions with solar motifs, were used to mark tombs. Most of such pyramidia were found in Thebes (at Deir el-Medina) and Saqqara (the burial ground of the city of Memphis). On the front of this particular example, the deceased Ptahemwia is depicted standing in adoration. The hieroglyphic text is dedicated to Re-Horakhty and Osiris. Above the deceased, we see the jackal god Anubis. The wife of the deceased and their three children are shown standing in adoration on the right side, with two other women in the back. The left side depicts the gods Re-Horakhty and Osiris.

Okunev stele


Okunev culture (2500 - 1800 BC), by the State Historical Museum (Moscow).

The Okunev people from Khakassia region (Southern Siberia, Russia) left one of the most remarkable cultures of Recent Prehistory, as these ancestors of the Kyrgyz and other Turkic-Mongolian people created unique statues and stone steles. Some specialists consider these manifestations to be representations of their ancestors, while other archaeologists believe that they are representations of deities, mainly solar deities, which through their smiles brought warmth.

Many of these sculptures and steles are accompanied by solar signs, such as the “Third eye”, which is a symbol of the supernatural connected with the Cosmos. Other images present a square (Earth) and circular (Heaven) symbol combination, addressing to the universe, a reference of the Kyrgyz phrase “tөgөrөktүn tөrt burchu”, that means, “the four corners of the circle”.

Parker Solar Probe

NASA’s Parker Solar Probe is a representative objekt for the first-ever human mission to "touch" the Sun. It has now flown through the Sun’s upper atmosphere – the corona – and sampled particles and magnetic fields there. The new milestone marks one major step for Parker Solar Probe and one giant leap for solar science. Just as landing on the Moon allowed scientists to understand how it was formed, touching the very stuff the Sun is made of will help scientists uncover critical information about our closest star and its influence on the solar system.

"Parker Solar Probe “touching the Sun” is a monumental moment for solar science and a truly remarkable feat," said Thomas Zurbuchen, the associate administrator for the Science Mission Directorate at NASA Headquarters in Washington. "Not only does this milestone provide us with deeper insights into our Sun's evolution and its impacts on our solar system, but everything we learn about our own star also teaches us more about stars in the rest of the universe.”

NASA Visualization Technology Applications and Development (VTAD**)**

Floor 6 - Voxel Verse

Solar O Tropia Voxel Edition

Voxelized Remake of the Solar O Tropia Collection
Voxelized Remake of the Solar O Tropia Collection

Voxel assets of artworks from the Solar O Tropia Collection

Assets are are entities which are designed with the intention to provide content to experiences, such as games, that are designed on LANDs. A LAND is a digital piece of real-estate in the game's Metaverse. The Sandbox Metaverse is a community-driven platform created on the blockchain and made up of LANDS, that are parts of the world, owned by players to create those experiences.

Become an eco land owner

Voxel river environment

Sustainable LAND in popular Metaverse games aims to promote eco-friendly choices and foster a community to support a circular economy. In collaborative ecosystems, likeminded partners are co-creating a progressive green movement to inspire decarbonisation and behavioural changes in the consumer and business communities.

Complex Programmed Behavior

Minecraft Axolotl Companions

Headset Thinker

Voxel Verse Remake of "The Thinker"
Voxel Verse Remake of "The Thinker"

Voxel Remake of “The Thinker”

In the VR headset, user identity is subject to the measurement principle of behavioral consistency. Gamers can be identified by their motion data, health & fitness, purchases, financial info, location, contact info, contacts, user content, search history, browsing history, identifiers, usage data, sensitive info, diagnostics and other data.

Minecraft Panel

Minecraft model of a Panel from Portal 2

World Egg

Transparent Voxel Egg

Floor 7 - Air Terrace

Community Space with a Lounge for Collectors with exclusive events, private exhibitions and a museum shop. On the community floor, members get access to knowledge and art research, can explore new business models and develop sustainable products.

Solar O Tropia is available on any device. Connect with the Solar O Tropia Community in immersive 3D spaces right from your smartphone, Meta Quest or laptop.


POAP is an acronym for Proof of Attendance Protocol. These NFT badges are given out to prove attendance of an event and document experiences in the crypto space.

Solar O Tropians can claim a POAP for visiting the museum exhibition:

+Post a feedback or personal reflection on the exhibition via Twitter using #SolarOTropia

+Take a photo or video in the Solar O Tropia Metaverse and add the picture of how you experienced the exhibition

+Get the POAP mint link via personal message

The first Solar O Tropia POAP
The first Solar O Tropia POAP

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Curation I Concept I Collection

Solar O Tropia is curated by the AI researcher, artist and education leader Carina Lue with a notion of fine arts as contemporary knowledge production that will last in our ever-changing world. With the advancement of AI and automation, creative and abstract thinking becomes increasingly important. She studied fine arts, aesthetic, sculpture and image theory with a focus on technological innovations and implemented projects in the field of cyber-hybrid web cultures at locations around the world. In her PHD research, Carina Lue is dealing with artificial intelligence, virtual spatial forms, personalized deep web search and experimental collective narratives.

Bachelor of Arts - University of Hamburg - Philosophy, Aesthetic

Bachelor of Fine Arts - Hfbk Hamburg - Image Theory, New Media

Master of Fine Arts - HfbK Hamburg - Art Theory, Sculpture, Hybrid Aesthetic Environments

Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution:

"Chicago Cityscape Wireframe and Block Map" by Nate Loper

"CRAY 1A: 1977–1989" by NCAR/UCAR

"Solar Panel | 60 Cell | Standard | 300 Watt" by 3DJeff

"Yard Grass" by ebmclachlan

“Pizza” by Gu

"PWS1-30K-NA Energy Storage Inverter" by gaoran0623

"Barricade fence (Game ready)" by PT34

"Kite/Tako (Low Poly)"  by game_travel

"Matress" by Sunny

"Robot vacuum cleaner" by DimaSP

"Cloth in wind, on ball (printable)" by endike

"360 Sphere Robot" by mikeramos

"Curtain in the wind" by lugsserg

"Resident Evil 2 Library" by Gunnar Correa

"Backstaff"  by Virtual Museums of Małopolska

"Pyramidion of Ptahemwia" by The National Museum of Antiquities

"Okunev stele" by Daniel Pérez Legido

"Copy of Aztec sun stone, Museo Nacioanal." by Världskulturmuseerna

"VR Thinker" by aronegal

"Voxel river environment" by mexfilminhem

"VR Gallery - Light Baked" by Marc Sawyer

"VR exhibition gallery baked" by ChristyHsu

"SciFi-Corridor (Sky Palace)" by Polsaris

"Minecraft Panel" by ewanhowell5195

"Voxel Egg" by ayvlasov

"Minecraft Axolotl" by earthenticbotha

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