Soulbonds Present: World of Soulcraft

Today we would like to share some exciting news with our supporters! We are planning to release a fully functional beta release of our collection, currently dubbed "World of Soulcraft." You might be thinking, what on earth is a beta release of a collection, and you'd be right to do so. In the world of NFTs, beta releases and public testing is extremely rare. Most NFTs on the market are simple profile pics or art collectibles without any elaborate utility since most NFT collections primarily focus on building strong communities and promoting their values and culture.

On the other hand, Soulbonds is technically pioneering the niche of digital identity in the space of blockchain, specifically soulbound tokens. We have always cherished Soulbonds as a long-term sustainable project, so we set the bar very high for quality assurance. There are many non-standard mechanics and solutions in the implementation of our web application, which is why we need to ensure that everything works smoothly before the official release. We are coming soon to Goerli testnet with the beta release of Soulbonds.

Why Are We Doing This?

Our community members will have to face numerous mechanics and concepts on launch, many of which are unfamiliar to most NFT connoisseurs. Therefore we would like to introduce our current and future supporters to exactly how the project will function - in detail.

Firstly, we would show our community our mint process and how to interact with our app. Some of our audience might not be very familiar with the NFTs as we try to bridge more DeFi degens into the project. For these reasons, our users can benefit from the ability to get a relaxed walkthrough through the mint process. All the other parts of your Soul lifecycle can be tested: burning an NFT for a partial refund, getting referral rewards, and so on.

Speaking of numbers - mint prices, burn refund rates, and invitation rewards. During this public test, we want to showcase our generations system and make sure the difference between gen zero and gen one Souls is very clear.

Lastly, we would like everyone to see how dynamic NFTs work and ensure we smoothen the experience as much as possible. To update your traits and interact with your avatar, holders will use our application, which we are also gassed to showcase to everyone. Your Soul avatar Sanctuary is the feature we're most proud of, and it will guide you through your journey with Soulbonds as you construct, customize and upgrade your Soul.

While holders can enjoy the view and familiarize themselves with our platform, the dev team can enjoy the ability to receive feedback, make necessary changes and monitor all the systems in real-life settings. World of Soulcraft is going to make sure that Soulbonds is fit to be a top-tier web3 project and will also help us gain exposure to larger audiences.

Generations System

It’s important to remember how our generation system functions. Souls are minted in two different stages. In the first stage, there's a limited amount of gen zero tokens. Gen zero tokens are more expensive, but this is generously compensated by better reward and refund rates, as well as exclusive traits. After the generation zero Souls sell out, an unlimited amount of next generation (gen one) SBTs is available to mint. Below we summarize main differences between the two:

Numbers Valid ONLY for the World of Soulcraft Event
Numbers Valid ONLY for the World of Soulcraft Event

Users who want to get a gen one Soul will have to find an existing holder (both genesis Souls and gen one Souls can invite others!) and use them as a referral. Every time someone joins our community as a gen one member, the inviting party gets an $ETH reward as a share of the newly minted token price. Gen zero holders will receive more rewards for each successfully completed invitation. Refer to the table above for exact math and numbers!

The World of Soulcraft Cash Flow Distribution
The World of Soulcraft Cash Flow Distribution

Above we demonstrate how exactly the funds cycle back to our community after someone joins the project. All the token burn reserve is always preserved on the smart contract to ensure that burn refund is guaranteed. To fully refresh your knowledge about what else your Soulbonds token is capable of, please refer to our earlier guide.

During Beta

Beta will start on 28/09/2022 and continue for one week. During this period, users will be able to mint and burn their SBTs, and receive unique achievements for their activity ONLY in the Goerli test network. Thus, test release would require users to obtain Goerli test $ETH and interact with protocols, trade and engage in activities on familiar protocols but on the Goerli test network. Many popular protocols are already supported in the World of Soulcraft programme, including:

  • Uniswap,

  • ENS,

  • NFTX

However, there are many more protocols to explore. It’s also important to note that the requirements to pick up and upgrade the traits are significantly lowered in the test release. For instance, traits that level up with your trading volume on a DEX will require much lower total values of volume now. This way our beta testers won’t have to spend tons of test $ETH and time to explore the opportunities of the test release. Many more exact details to follow up in a more granular beta testing guide soon! Overall, we want our users to be able to see and test the following features:

  • Mint process

  • Token Burn

  • Referral system and rewards

  • The generations system and systematic differences

  • How does a dynamic NFT work and how to upgrade traits

  • The process of getting and upgrading achievements

  • Sanctuary. A special tool where you can continuously update and customize your Soul.

Valued Members Giveaway

Lastly, after a week of testing, top 20 users who sent out the most accepted invites (remember that Gen one holders can invite others too!) will be eligible for Gen zero mint whitelist, but this time for the real deal! Add on to that a special triple level trait that will be added to mainnet Soulbonds for you to showcase your early support and level of participation in the World of Soulcraft. To top that, another unique utility awaits all beta testers, but we just cannot reveal this yet. This special reward for our most early supporters and adapters will be announced closer towards the mainnet launch date.


World of Soulcraft is a public beta testing programme of a Soulbonds SBT collection in the Goerli test network. It will take place in the following week: 28/09/2022 - 05/10/2022.

How I can join: During this period, valued users of our community are going to be whitelisted for more exclusive gen zero mint, while all others can join as gen one members using a referral system.

Can I invite others: Users who successfully invite others receive a share of the resulting mint prices. Gen zero membership offers better rewards for referral invitations, as well as better burn refund rates.

What to do and see: Holders who mint the test release Soul token can interact with selected protocols and DeFi platforms to unlock and level up on-chain activity achievements. Those achievements are then translated to more and more visual traits that user can apply to their avatar in the specially designed avatar tool - “Soul sanctuary”. Additionally, users can always burn their Soul and get a share of spent mint price back.

Where: Many popular DeFi protocols are part of the beta, including: Uniswap, NFTX, ENS. Users can interact with those in the Goerli testnet to unlock achievements and level up traits. The community-guided search for all supported protocols and traits begins!

Awards available for participants: first of all, those who invite the most friends to the test collection will be whitelisted for Gen zero of the real collection mint. Additionally, a unique, upgradeable beta tester trait will be available for the participants later, on mainnet launch. Last but not least, we will reward all participants with a special, currently secret utility mechanism for their future mainnet Soul SBT.

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