Mint Announcement

Soulbonds is a collection of soulbound tokens tailored to your on-chain persona. Soulbonds allows users to reveal their souls and express themselves with a unique digital avatar.

Current and future achievements in the Ethereum network are expressed in unique traits that will allow a user to identify themselves in the Web3 world.

Mint Date: 08/12 18:00 UTC

Mint Mechanics

Souls are minted in two different stages.

The first stage is GEN0 mint with a limited supply of only 800 tokens. GEN0 mint will start off with a guaranteed whitelist mint and the rest of the supply will be minted on an FCFS basis.

Gen0 tokens are more expensive, however, this is generously compensated by better reward rates. The next mint stage will start 40 minutes after Gen0 mint or right after Gen0 sells out, whichever comes first.

To mint a GEN1 Soul, a user must find an existing holder (GEN0 or GEN1) and use them as a referral. An existing holder can be found either through referral links or through a mint page, where two random Souls from the top-30 leaderboard will be displayed and one of them can be picked to mint a GEN1 Soul.

Every time someone joins Soulbonds as a GEN1 member, the inviting party gets an $ETH reward as a share of the newly minted token price.

Mint Information
Mint Information

Taking Next Steps

After you have minted your Soul, you can take a number of different directions in the exciting world of Soulbonds!

  • Referrals: Members willing to mint a GEN1 Soul can connect to their referral via our Discord and other socials, as well as just head down to the Soul gallery and pick a wallet that has the Soul avatar you like the most to show your appreciation! You can use the wallet address as a referral code, with the only condition that the address should currently own a Soul.
Rewards Distribution
Rewards Distribution
  • Sanctuary: Your special NFTs customization tool: After you have minted your Soul, you can customize and update your digital Soul in the Sanctuary. Feel free to come back, again and again, to see whether you unlocked or upgraded anything.

  • Unlocking Traits: Explore the Ethereum blockchain, do actions and unlock new traits for your Soul! There are two types of traits: static and upgradeable.

    • Static traits are typically unlocked with a single transaction.

    • Upgradeable traits, on the other hand, can be leveled up as you keep mastering a certain protocol or interaction. For instance, some of your traits will be upgraded as your trading volume on a platform increases.

  • Leaderboard: After customizing your Soul, don’t forget to check out the leaderboard to see your rank! If you make it to the top 30, then your Soul has a chance to be displayed as a referral on the mint page. To learn more about how the leaderboard works check out our article - Soulbonds - Leaderboard.


  • Mint Date: 08/12 18:00 UTC

  • Mint Price

    • Gen 0: 0.1559 ETH

    • Gen 1: 0.096 ETH

  • Supply

    • Gen 0: 800

    • Gen 1: Unlimited

  • Reward Rate

    • Gen 0: 60%

    • Gen 1: 40%

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