StarSeeds V2 Pre-Beta Tutorial: Money Making NFTs. For Real?

The StarSeeds Protocol has come a long way since its inception in 2020. Version 2 includes omni-chain capacity, a stack of protocol integrations, complete DAO trading portfolio and smart contract control, and an ecosystem of gamified quests, tokens and upgradeable NFTS with financial utility backed by a growing portfolio of decentralized protocol trading strategies deployed and managed by the StarSeeds DAO

This article is a step by step tutorial on how to navigate the new ecosystem. This article assumes you already have basic cryptocurrency tools such as a Web3 wallet, tokens for gas, and a connection to the Polygon Network.

Lets get started. Below is a special edition Martian Cruiser NFT that grants its holder a stream of STARv2 tokens. When one is minted, the funds from the mint go into one of the StarSeeds Protocol DAO controlled Safe Multisig Wallets. From there the tokens are deployed to other protocols to generate a yield. That yield is used to buy STARv2 from the open market which is then airdropped to your wallet.


Once you’ve minted a Martian Cruiser, wait an hour or less and then go to the Claims Page. Then claim your STAR. It’s just that easy. You can claim anytime and the tokens accumulate every hour until you choose to claim. Pro tip, the mint above is special edition and has a significantly higher reward rate compared to the standard edition.

So what can you do with those STAR tokens? Well, you have a few options.

1. Sell them. Go to Meshswap and trade your STAR for any other listed token.

2. Upgrade your Martian Cruiser to Lv2 to increase your STAR revenue stream by 3X+. First use 1 STARv2 to mint 1 STARAlloy. Click here for the mint page. Then go to the Martian Cruiser V2 Upgrade page. Click mint and follow the on screen prompts to burn your LV1 NFT and the STARAlloy to mint the Level 2 NFT.

3. Continue your journey through the StarSeeds Protocol, DAO and international community. Obtain a V2 Founding Members Soulbound NFT via this mint link. Or earn one by completing the first StarSeeds Taskon Quest.

StarSeeds Protocol V2 Founding Members License Preview
StarSeeds Protocol V2 Founding Members License Preview

After you have your Members License NFT, go to the StarSeeds Guild Hall. Join our members only Discord and Telegram chatrooms. Gain access to members only information including details regarding the StarSeeds DAO Treasury Accounts, trading strategies and exchange pages where you can trade STARV2 directly for other tokens. From here, once again, you have many options.

1. If you have more time then money, explore the Airdrop Hunter Articles. Article One here. Article Two here. Qualify for the STAR Airdrop Hunters License and join the StarSeeds Airdrop Hunters.

1.1 If you enjoy learning through intensive reading, go through the StarSeeds Protocol Documentation, 1.2 Try completing every Zealy quest. More quests on Zealy and other platforms coming soon.

2. Obtain a fleet of STAR NFTs and multiply your daily token streams. The most rewarding NFTS users can get in the StarSeeds Protocol V2 Ecosystem are;
2.1. Enhanced Martian Cruisers Lv.4.
2.2. Limited Edition STAR Airdrop Hunters Licenses.
2.3. Special Edition, Upgradeable Martian Destroyer Battleships. Mint below. Operating Details in the Docs Page. Claim token stream here.


2.4. STAR Origin Relics. The most valuable NFT collection the StarSeeds Protocol will ever produce. An uncapped 15% of every revenue model produced by the StarSeeds Protocol are distributed automatically to holders of Founding Relics.

These are most likely to be the only NFTs with uncapped returns that the StarSeeds Protocol will ever release. There are several other benefits that come with holding a STAR Origin Relic. Check out the details on our Docs.

The first 100 Origin Relics are being distributed via this mirror article for 0.15 ETH on the optimism network. Click the mint buttons on the top or bottom of the page. Or go here to mint on Polygon Network for 200STARv2. Origin Relics are upgradeable.

Tier 3 Origin Relic Preview; The Fleet Mothership
Tier 3 Origin Relic Preview; The Fleet Mothership

3. Go deeper into the StarSeeds Protocol gamification elements, build and upgrade your virtual fleet of token producing ships. Complete your NFT Collection with a STARPower Station, additional Martian Cruisers, and an Arcturian SpaceColony.

Send your ships on missions to collect virtual tokenized resources; check the docs for more details.

Engaging with the StarSeeds Protocols optional gamification elements gives users a slight increase in returns at the cost of their personal time and focus. For users seeking simple solutions for best returns the StarSeeds Protocol offers, collect Origin Relics, Martian Destroyers and upgrade your Enhanced Martian Cruiser.

Arcturian SpaceColony Preview
Arcturian SpaceColony Preview

4. For experienced traders, investors, developers, DAO and Crypto hardcore enthusiasts, consider joining the StarSeeds DAO Experts Council and support the StarSeeds Protocol in making the best strategic trading and financial decisions possible.

Meaningful participation in the StarSeeds DAO is incentivized and rewarded. Expert Strategists, Data Collectors/Analysts, Innovative/Critical Thinkers, Exceptional Communicators and Experienced Developers in particular are rewarded in Protocol resources for participation.

For those without a relevant background, you are also most welcome to participate. Learn, vote, and add your unique perspective insights to our DAO community processes if you feel so called. To begin this step of the StarSeeds Journey, qualify as a Trusted Agent in the StarSeeds Guild Hall.

The StarSeeds Protocol V2 dApplication is under development and will further simplify and streamline the user onboarding experience. In the meantime, thanks for reading/playing/sharing. As a special parting gift, here’s a highly discounted Command Bridge StarShip that gives you the capacity to vote in the StarSeeds DAO.


Until next time,
StarSeeds DAO Advocate
James Nexus

Houston, We have a liftoff.
Houston, We have a liftoff.

Oh. And heres a free STAR sigil that may or may not have any use.

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