Cryptocurrency Airdrop Hunters Edition #2

Amongst the many potential airdrop campaigns available today across the DeFi Multiverse, only a few are worth the time and energy to complete them. The StarSeeds DAO and network of associates have reviewed several thousand of the top campaigns to find the best of the best.

For the sake of this tutorial article; There are three majorly distinct forms of airdrop campaigns.

First are the 6 massive airdrops anticipated in the coming seasons. Each comes from a base blockchain that other apps run on that has received hundreds of millions in funding recently and then announced or repeatedly hinted a near future airdrop. Those are the zkEVM, ZKsync, LayerZero, Metamask, Starknet, and Scroll.

Each of these projects are major new advancements that are significantly advancing what’s possible with blockchain technology.

Then there are the best of the new protocols that run on these newer blockchains. In order to double up on our return per time, energy, and gas fees, we like to find the best protocols with early adopter incentives and strong fundamentals to use to qualify for multiple airdrops simultaneously.

There are also a few chain-agnostic or omnichain projects that are paying cashable tokens right now with large airdrops planned for the near future. We will focus on this classification of campaigns for this Article.

1. Debank

Join The Web3 Evolution - Get Paid.
Join The Web3 Evolution - Get Paid.

Debank is the most accurate multi-chain portfolio aggregator in the world. It is also a free social media platform that pays users in tradeable cryptocurrency for a multitude of actions including

1. Commenting, trusting, reposting and making social media posts.
2. Voting on and making proposals to optimize Debanks portfolio tracking system.
3. Entering “Lucky Draws”; hundreds of times a day Debank users put up some cash towards a raffle with typically the only requirement being to follow the user who made the raffle. Each raffle takes less then a minute and sometimes earnings exceed over 100. We don’t normally do raffles but DeBank users raffles are often worth the 30 seconds to enter.
4. Sharing system. Users are awarded cashable DeBank points and airdrop credit for each click on offsite shared Debank posts and pages.

Earnings per account can easily reach upwards of $100 per month with just a few hours a week of engagement. Debank is releasing its own layer 2 chain and will be airdropping tokens to users. This airdrop is anticipated to be one of the largest in history.

Get a headstart on your social media account score (which increases your earnings) by going to This post, commenting on it, reposting it, trusting it, and then following the author and other commenters. This will give you a huge boost to your TVF, further increasing your earnings and reach. After doing that, you can go over to the StarSeeds Debank Quest to grab some XP that you can use to mint NFTs with direct financial utility. Debank can also be an excellent source of targeted insider cryptocurrency information if you follow the right channels.

2. FireBird: The best EVM same-chain trading aggregator that pays you.

When trading on most EVM chains try the FireBird Aggregator. Not only do they usually offer the best trade rate for a vast selection of tokens on many chains, they also award you with tokens for trading on their platform. These tokens can be staked to earn their DAO tokens which can be used for voting, treasury management, staked for an income stream, or cashed out for a portion of their growing treasury

3. Plexus, a rewarding and efficient cross-chain swap.

Plexus often offers the best price trades between numerous chains. Your first 6 trades each day also give you credits towards their Plexus Airdrop, which is anticipated to be quite significant. Furthermore using Plexus can also give you credits toward the Layerzero airdrop. If your earning Plexus Points, make sure to engage with their Zealy campaign, Their Galxe quests, and their Guild XYZ for additional points.

4. RocketX - the CEX/DEX Aggregator with the most options.

RocketX has several times more token and chain options then any other cross-bridge swap aggregator, due to the fact that they use both centralized and decentralized exchanges to offer a no KYC automated DEX trading service. Their rates arn’t the very best (close though), but when you can’t find a more cost effective route, RocketX usually has you covered.

5. SimpleSwap - The best aggregator for bitcoin and hard to find cross-chain pairs.

While Simpleswap isn’t the cheapest no-kyc, near instant cross bridging service, the rates are competitive and they cover the most hard-to find cross chain trading options in the Crypto Multiverse. They also have a sweet rewards program that pays you. Best solution We’ve found for onboarding/offboarding BTC.

6. Upgrade to free Web3 Email services and get paid while your at it.

Ethermail and Dmail both are offering pay to use WEB3 email services that come with a free WEB3 domain! Sign up takes a few minutes and payments are ongoing if you opt into reading sponsored emails.

7. Meld: The Web3 Banking app with up to $100 for each new user.

MELD is a decentralized and trustless lending protocol initially built on the Cardano Blockchain using smart contracts and governed by the MELD token. It provides a fast, safe, and transparent set of tools for anyone to lend and borrow crypto and fiat currencies. This protocol is airdropping free MELD tokens to users who sign up and do simple tasks.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Create an account at MELD.FI.

  2. You will get an email with an access code to paste into the MELDApp.

  3. Now create a MELDApp wallet.

  4. Follow the instructions in the MELDapp to validate your access code.

  5. You will get 100 MELD tokens.

  6. Also get more tokens for doing on-chain and off-chain activities.

  7. Complete Zealy tasks to increase your share.

  8. Also earn more MELD for referring your friends.

8. The Magic Store WEB3 Database

The Magic.Store is one of the largest marketplaces of new WEB3 projects that comes with built in referral and affiliate point and commission sharing programs for individual protocols. They are releasing a major airdrop. Upvote/downvote on new projects on their platform or engage in other ways to earn tradeable tokens and airdrop credits. Complete their Zealy quests, and Galxe Quests to maximize your airdrop.

Further increase your wallets creditability to qualify for larger and bigger airdrops (avoid being flagged as a Sybil Bot).

In addition to the steps outlined in the first Star Airdrop Hunters Article, consider minting oats at the Gitcoin Passport Galxe Page, Applying for a Galxe Passport (Requires KYC - not for ANON Traders), and use third party organic engagement services to boost your twitter following, and make sure your twitter, discord , and wallet addresses match across all the services you use.

Coming Next: A deep dive on LayerOne, ZKsync and Polygon ZkEVM multilayered airdrop strategies.

In our next article we will dive into the lowest cost, most rewarding, and quickest to complete strategies that gather points with numerous top airdrop campaigns at the same time.

In the meantime don’t miss out on the second limited edition Star Hunter NFT #2.


Collect each NFT in the Star Airdrop Hunter series to gain whitelist mint access to an exclusive non-transferrable membership NFT that grants unique holder privileges including ongoing airdrops of tradeable tokens with financial utility and access to a private members only channel with the best real-time, vetted airdrop signals and strategies that we can find.

Collect both Star Hunter NFTs and then join the StarSeeds Guild to gain access to a real time airdrop update channel on telegram.

Additionally, you can mint Commemorative NFT of this Article. Each type of Star Hunter Article NFT you hold will boost the airdrop yield from the Star Airdrop Hunter Membership NFT.

The next article is coming soon!

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