MATIC-S Yield Index by StarSeeds Protocol

Introducing MATIC-S, a Yield-Bearing token that is worth more and more MATIC over time.

Contract Address: 0x63d38FCf3cC014735B28339F47EC3FA9BA97b4B9

Similar to stMATIC and MATICX, MATIC-S is pegged to the value of MATIC in such a way that makes each unit of MATIC-S worth more MATIC over time.

Unlike other yield bearing MATIC tokens, MATIC-S does not represent MATIC that has been staked to increase the security of the Polygon Network. Rather, MATIC-S tokens are backed by MATIC, stMATIC, MATICX, yv-WMATIC-A and other yield bearing MATIC tokens.

100% of the MATIC utilized to swap for MATIC-S are automatically deployed in a network of liquidity pools that facilitate automated arbitrage trades in such a way that creates regular and growing trade volume.

With every swap executed with MATIC-S tokens, MATIC-S becomes more valueable compared to MATIC due to the 0.08% transfer fee on MATIC-S, combined with permanently compounded StarSeeds Protocol owned MATIC-S liquidity pool fees.

MATIC-S is designed to appreciate in value much more rapidly then other MATIC Yield bearing tokens.

Swap MATIC-S on Quickswap.

BTC-S/ETH-S/LINk-S and other StarSeeds Protocol Yield Bearing tokens coming soon.

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